You must have read permissions to view the properties of this object

Windows protects its files/thư mục by providing an extra layer of permission parameter over them. If you don’t have sầu enough permission lớn access the designated files/ folders, you cannot edit or modify the files. Now, what if you want to lớn open a folder that prohibits your access with the following message ‘You must have sầu read permissions to lớn view the properties of this file’ or simply ‘You don’t have sầu permission to open this file’? This is where we are to lớn solve your problem.

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Table of Contents

Fix 1 – Own the folder from the command line

You can alter the ownership of the file/thư mục from a terminal.

1. Now, type “cmd” in the search box.

2. Then, right-clichồng on the “Commvà Prompt” và cliông chồng on “Run as administrator“.

3. Once the Comm& Prompt opens up, typemodify this code according khổng lồ your scenario & hit Enter.

takeown /f "path of the folder or file" /a /r /d yicacls "location of the folder or file" /t /c /grant administrators:F System:F everyone:F

Example – The location of the thư mục on this computer is at –

C:UsersSambitPicturesNew folderSo, the commands will be –

takeown /f "C:UsersSambitPicturesNew folder" /a /r /d yicacls "C:UsersSambitPicturesNew folder" /t /c /grant administrators:F System:F everyone:F


Once you have sầu owned the particular files/folders, you can easily access them without seeing the error message on the screen.

Fix 2 – Adjust advanced sharing settings

You have to give full control lớn your trương mục.

1. xuất hiện the File Explorer.

2. Then, go khổng lồ the “This PC” on the left-hand side.

3. Right-clichồng on the “Local Disk (C:)” drive sầu and click on “Properties“.


4. Go lớn the “Sharing” tab.

5. Next, cliông xã on the “Advanced Sharing” option.


6. Now, you have sầu to lớn check the box beside “Share this folder“.

7. Cliông xã on “Permissions” to lớn modify the permissions.


8. Here, select “Everyone” from the menu of users.

9. Cheông xã the box beside “Full control“.


10. Don’t forget to click on “Apply” & “OK” khổng lồ save the changes.

Try khổng lồ open the file/ folder once again. This should fix the issue you are facing on your computer.

Fix 3 – Give sầu permission lớn your account

The reason you are being shown this error message is your tài khoản is not allowed to access this file/thư mục.

1. First of all, open File Explorer.

2. Then, go to lớn the location of the problematic file/folder.

3. Once you get there, right-clichồng on the file/thư mục and clichồng on “Properties” to modify it.

4. In the Properties window, go to lớn the “Security” tab.

5. Next, cliông xã on the “Advanced“.

6. Now, you have sầu khổng lồ change the ownership of the tệp tin. To bởi that, clichồng on “Change“.


6. Next, clichồng on “Advanced“.


7. Here, just clichồng on “Find Now” khổng lồ view the các mục of groups.

8. After that, scroll down through the danh sách of groups or users and select your user name.

(For this computer the user name is “Sambit”.)

9. Cliông xã on “OK“.


10. Again, cliông chồng on “OK“.

11. You have sầu khổng lồ choose a principal. , cliông xã on “Add“.

12. After that, cliông xã on “Select a principal“.

13. Next, cliông chồng on “Advanced“.

14. Just lượt thích before, click on “Find Now“.

15. Then scroll down & select your user name. (For this computer it is “Sambit“.)

16. Save the change by clicking on “OK“.

17. Cliông chồng on “OK” lớn add this object.

18. Next, kiểm tra the box beside the “Full control” option.

19. Then, cliông chồng on “OK“.


đôi mươi. Finally, cliông xã on “Apply” and then on “OK“.

Go bachồng khổng lồ the location of the folder & try to lớn access it once more. If this doesn’t

Fix 4 – Change your local account to administrator

Try converting the current tài khoản to an administrative trương mục.

1. At first, press the Windows key and write “Control Panel

2. Click on “Control Panel” in the tìm kiếm box.


3. Here, you need to cliông xã on ‘View by:’ và then choose “Category“.

4. Then, cliông chồng on “Change account type” under ‘User Accounts‘ in order khổng lồ alter your account type.


5. Here you will notice all the accounts associated with this system. Just cliông xã on the account you are currently using.


6. After that, on the left-h& side, cliông xã on the “Change the account type“.


7. Click on the radio-button beside, “Administrator” lớn set this tài khoản as an administrator of this computer.

8. After doing these, cliông xã on the “Change Account Type” khổng lồ save this change.


Cthua kém Control Panel window.

Then, try khổng lồ access the file/ folder again.

Fix 5 – Give sầu full permission lớn the drive

Sometimes the drive where the file/ folder is maybe missing some crucial permission.

1. mở cửa the File Explorer on your system.

2. Cliông chồng on “This PC” on the left-h& side.

3. Right-cliông chồng on the particular drive sầu containing the tệp tin và clichồng on “Properties“.

(Example– If the tệp tin is at the C: drive, go lớn the C: drive in the File Explorer).

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4. Once the Properties window opens, just go to the “Security” tab.

5. Here, cliông xã on “Edit” khổng lồ modify the permissions.


5. Select the group “Everyone*.

6. After that, check the “Allow” box of ‘Full control‘ permission.

This will enable all the users of your computer access of the file.


7. After that, cliông chồng on “Apply“. After that, click on “OK“.



You may not see ‘Everyone’ in the permission entries box. Simply follow these steps lớn add the ‘Everyone’ group.

a. Once you have sầu opened the Properties window, cliông xã on the “Add“.


b. Next you need to write “Everyone” in the ‘Enter the object name khổng lồ select:’ box.

c. Just once clichồng on “Cheông xã Names” lớn perform a kiểm tra the authenticity.

d. Finally, cliông chồng on “OK“.


e. Cliông xã on “Apply” to save it.

f. If you see a warning message, simply cliông xã on “OK“.


g. Just cliông xã on “Apply” & “OK” to lớn save this change.

After adding ‘Everyone’, follow the instructions from step 5 lớn step 7 khổng lồ give full control khổng lồ everyone.

Try to lớn access the tệp tin again on your computer.

Fix 6 – Run SFC check

Cheông xã if the corruption in system files has done this problem.

1. Press the Windows key+S keys together & start to lớn write “cmd“.

2. Further, right-cliông xã on the “Commvà Prompt” & cliông chồng on “Run as administrators“.

3. Type this commvà & then hit Enter.

sfc /scannow


Once the SFC checks commence, it will take 4-5 minutes to lớn completely scan the system files.

Restart the system & try khổng lồ open the file/ thư mục.

Fix 7 – Boot into lớn safe mode và delete old users

You can remove old user account permission và give sầu full control to your main trương mục.

STEP.. 1 – Boot inlớn safe mode

1. Simply press the Windows key & the ‘I‘ key together.

2. After that you need khổng lồ cliông xã on “Update and Security“.


3. Then, clichồng on the “Recovery“.

4. After that, under the “Advanced Startup” section, click on “Restart Now“.


5. Once your pc reboots, just cliông xã on “Troubleshoot“.


6. After that, choose the “Advanced options” thực đơn.


7. Simply, cliông chồng on the “Startup Settings“.


8. Finally khổng lồ restart your device in the correct manner, click on “Restart“.


9. Here you will detect various possibilities of startup types.

10. Then, press F4 from your keyboard lớn select the option that says “Enable Safe Mode“.


Soon, your computer will boot into safe mode.

STEPhường. 2 – Add your tài khoản as the owner

Once you are in safe mode, you have sầu khổng lồ add your account as the owner of the folder.

1. Open the file/thư mục location on your system.

2. Then, right-cliông xã on the particular tệp tin & cliông chồng on “Properties” to modify it.

4. After that, go to the “Security” tab.

5. Then, click on the “Advanced“.

6. In the Advanced Security settings, clichồng on “Add“.

7. Then, click on “Select a principal“.

8. After that, click on “Advanced“.

9. Now, cliông xã on “Find Now“.

10. After that, you will notice a danh mục of users. Select your user name from here. (For this computer it is “Sambit“.)

11. Save the change by clicking on “OK“.

12. Finally, clichồng on “OK” lớn add this object.

13. Set the ‘Applies to:’ lớn “This thư mục, subfolders và files“.

14. Next, check the box beside the “Full control” option khổng lồ give sầu your account full control.

15. Then, clichồng on “OK“.


15. Coming bachồng khổng lồ the Advanced Security screen, kiểm tra out the permission entries.

You will find some old accounts in that danh mục.

16. Select the old account you want to remove sầu permission of.

17. Cliông chồng on “Remove” khổng lồ remove the account.


18. Repeat the process lớn remove all the old account permission attributes from your system.


19. Finally, cliông xã on “Apply” và then on “OK“.

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Cthua thảm all the opened windows. Try lớn access the problematic file/folder once more.

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