I suddenly have sầu a problem when you try khổng lồ download I get this message. "Cannot transfer to lớn Internet Download manager." Error 0x8002801D in windows XP. Pleasw help to lớn y for remedy.Thank you


(1) what you"re trying to download?

(2) how you try to lớn download?

(3) what browser you are using to lớn download?

(4) don"t you make changes khổng lồ the computer until the problem occurred?

Step 1: This error occurs when your browser và IDM are phối lớn run under different privileges.

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Maybe you have sầu phối to run IDM with administrator rights. This is not correct. IDM Ouvrezledossier if please, right-cliông chồng on "IDMan.exe", select the "Properties" thực đơn cống phẩm, switch to lớn the "Compatibility" tab and uncheck the checkbox "Run this program as Administrator" (arrow 2 on the image). In addition, you must remove the compatibility with previous versions of Windows if there is none activated (arrow 1 in the picture).


If this does not help, try to lớn vày the same for the executable tệp tin of your browser. In addition, turn off the feature with older versions of Windows & "Run this program as Administrator" checkbox.

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Step 2: You may need to run IDM with administrator once rights to register its DLL files. Exit IDM using "Tasks-> output" of the main thực đơn. Then right cliông xã on IDM launch inhỏ in the Windows (arrow 1 in picture) programs launch menu và select "Run as Administrator" (arrow 2 on the image).


Then exit IDM again và run normally.

Hope this information is useful.


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