Microsoft ends windows 10 version 1607 support for home and pro editions

After next week, Microsoft will no longer issue updates for Windows 10 version 1607 Enterprise và Education editions or Windows 10 version 1709 Home and Pro editions.

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End-of-support deadlines for a pair of Windows 10 feature upgrades will soon come inkhổng lồ play, halting all updates, including security fixes, to affected devices.

The final updates for Windows 10 Enterprise 1607, Windows 10 Education 1607, Windows 10 Home 1709 và Windows 10 Pro 1709 will be issued a week from today, on April 9, according khổng lồ Microsoft"s definitive sầu patch calendar.

Microsoft tags its feature upgrades with yymm labels that mark their purported completion dates, even though they typically reach users in a later month. Windows 10 1607, for example, began delivery Aug. 2, 2016 (not in July, as the mm half stated), and 1709 debuted Oct. 17, 2017 (not in September).

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Customers running Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 or Windows 10 Education 1607 will have sầu had 32 months of tư vấn by the time the SKU (stock-keeping unit) rides inkhổng lồ retirement. That extra-long tư vấn lifecycle came about because of a pair of extensions Microsoft gave sầu to lớn that tăng cấp, & others, last year. Originally slated to receive 20 months of patches, 1607 was first stretched to 26 months, then lớn 32.

Users powering their PCs with Windows 10 Home 1607 or Windows 10 Pro 1607 were given their final updates a year ago, on April 10, 2018. Only devices with Enterprise or Education were handed the longer tư vấn period.

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Meanwhile, next Tuesday will also see the last updates delivered to lớn personal computers và tablets running Windows 10 Home 1709 and Windows 10 Pro 1709. Those SKUs were allocated the now-standard 18 months of tư vấn.

Windows 10 Enterprise 1709 and Windows 10 Education 1709, however, have an additional 12 months of updates due them, as those feature upgrades were aao ước several which were "grandfathered" into the longer 30-month lifecycle when Microsoft last rewrote its support policies.

(Yes, this is confusing as all get out. No, doesn"t know whether Microsoft does this on purpose.)

Devices operating under the control of Windows 10 trang chủ 1709, Windows 10 Pro 1709, Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 or Windows 10 Education 1607 need lớn upgrade khổng lồ a later version to lớn continue to receive sầu security & non-security bug fixes.

The next Windows 10 tư vấn deadline will be Oct. 8, 2019, when Enterprise 1703 & Education 1703 will receive sầu their final updates.

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Microsoft"s support lifecycle stop dates for two feature upgrades, Windows 10 Enterprise/Education 1607 and Windows 10 Home/Pro 1709, arrive sầu in just one week.

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