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Even though VPN One Cliông xã lacks advanced features, it is still one powerful VPN service. To find out if it is the right VPN for you, check out this updated và unbiased Reviews.

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Based inUAE
ServersAvailable in 50+ Countries
LogsNo Logs
Multi LoginNo
Refund7 Days - 2 Months
WebsiteVPNOneCliông xã.com


VPN One Clichồng is a super-cheap và user-friendly VPN provider present in the industry. This VPN keeps no logs, protects users’ activities, and prevents IP leaks at all times. I also found this lớn be quite good in terms of performance.

It offers fast servers in 50 countries worldwide và has 30 million+ users, which is just phenomenal, to say the least. VPN One Click is also decently fast. That’s something not a lot of VPN providers seem lớn offer these days. It doesn’t offer tons of features. However, it works in Đài Loan Trung Quốc, supports the IKEv2 protocol, and is compatible with almost all operating systems.

Overall, VPN One Cliông xã is a pretty capable VPN service. But, who is it for? Well, khổng lồ be honest, it’s not for everyone. Just because it lacks advance, I can only recommover it for users that prefer a toned-down user experience. But for advanced users, I would suggest trying something else. After considering its pros và cons, I’ve given it a 3.8/5.0 star rating in this VPN One Cliông chồng review.

My Rating Criteria

To thoroughly kiểm tra the VPN One Clichồng for its pros & cons, I used my 9 step rating criteria:

Jurisdiction – How safe is VPN One Click?

To be honest, VPN One Click is totally safe lớn use. According to lớn company details, VPN One Click’s parent company is headquartered in the UAE under the name of Kryptotel FZ-LLC. Considering this và the fact that it is not headquartered under the jurisdiction of the infamous 5-Eyes, VPN One Clichồng isn’t obligated to keep logs of any kind. We’ll talk more about logs a bit later on in this review.

Security – Does VPN One Cliông xã keep logs?

One of the main reasons why I lượt thích VPN One Click is because it keeps no logs. If you go through their privacy policy, you’ll see a brief section covering all the information that VPN One Cliông xã does not collect. Here’s a snippet from their privacy policy:

We don’t store or log your IP.. address or connection details.We don’t store your connection logs or browsing activities.When you download và install our VPN client application, you are never requested lớn register with your tin nhắn or any other personal information.There is no registration or sign-up process. Users can straightaway start using our services once the application is installed & subscribed.

Besides that, as I mentioned earlier, VPN One Click’s parent company is headquartered in the UAE and is not obliged to lớn retain user data and/or tóm tắt it with authorities.


Encryption và Other Features

As for security features, you’re not going to lớn find a lot of customization or options. However, that’s not something this provider is going for. As I mentioned earlier, VPN One Click is not for advanced users. For overall security, VPN One Clichồng uses the IKEv2/IPSec protocol, which is still plenty safe even by today’s standards.

Some of the features I wish VPN One Cliông chồng would include in future updates are the Kill switch and OpenVPN protocol. But even without too many features, this VPN is still solid in terms of performance. With Unlimited bandwidth và excellent unblocking capabilities, VPN One Cliông chồng is ideal for torrenting và streaming services lượt thích BBC iPlayer.

Leaks – Does VPN One Cliông xã leak IPhường, DNS, WebRTC?

Despite lacking a built-in leak protection feature, I found no leaks or malware in VPN One Cliông xã. During my testing, VPN One Cliông xã managed not to lớn expose my IP, DNS, and WebRTC information.

IPhường Leak Test:

First, I started with the basic IPhường leak chạy thử. I connected lớn a US hệ thống lớn perkhung the chạy thử since that’s the most widely used location. As you can see from the screenshot, my IPhường. address is not being exposed.


DNS Leak Test:

For the DNS leak thử nghiệm, I again connected to lớn the same server location và performed the test. As you can see, my mặc định DNS address is not being exposed. Chechồng out the screenshot below.


WebRTC Leak Test:

Another major chạy thử I performed was lớn kiểm tra for WebRTC leaks. Again, VPN One Click passed this thử nghiệm, too, without any issues at all. As you can see, my original IP is nowhere to lớn be seen.


Virus Test:

Lastly, I also performed a quick vi khuẩn test to lớn be extra sure. I ran its .exe cộ file through VirusTotal.com, và I found no hidden viruses. Overall, I was seriously blown away by the fact that it passed all of my tests successfully.


Servers – Is VPN One Cliông xã well for torrenting?

Surprisingly yes, VPN One Click actually works great with torrenting. While it’s not clear how many servers it offers, I had zero issues torrenting its hệ thống network. By the way, if you’re wondering, VPN One Cliông xã offers various servers distributed across 50+ countries.

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In terms of performance, I could tải về a relatively hefty torrent file with my 35 Mbps connection within a few minutes. That said, just keep in mind that VPN One Clichồng might not work with all torrent clients. But on the bright side, it will gladly refund you your money in case you can’t torrent with it.


Does VPN One Cliông xã work in China?

Believe sầu it or not, VPN One Cliông chồng actually works in China. Despite offering a ton of servers lượt thích NordVPN or ExpressVPN, it still works quite well in China. I was able lớn unbloông chồng a bunch of Chinese websites without getting blocked. Needless to lớn say, VPN One Clichồng can easily bypass the so-called Great Wall of China.

Speed – How fast is VPN One Click?

VPN Onc Clichồng is faster than most VPNs. To demo the service’s performance claims for this nhận xét, I conducted a tốc độ thử nghiệm using different servers. This was done to get unbiased results. First, here’s a screenshot of my mặc định internet speed:


Canadomain authority Server:

The Canadian server of VPN One Cliông xã managed khổng lồ offer the faskiểm tra speeds. On average, it managed lớn output 25.4 Mbps download và 29.7 Mbps upload tốc độ.


US Server:

With the US VPS of VPN One Cliông xã, I achieved around 22 Mbps download, và 28.4 Mbps upload tốc độ. So far, totally blown away by this VPN provider’s speeds.


UK Server:

Finally, I also performed a quiông xã test while connected to lớn the UK VPS of VPN One Cliông xã. It managed khổng lồ deliver around 24.9 Mbps tải về and 28.4 Mbps upload speed.


Overall, when it comes to lớn speeds, VPN One Click is a beast. Just make sure that you connect to a VPS that’s closest khổng lồ your actual location. This way, you’ll always get consistent speeds.

Streaming – Does VPN One Cliông xã work with Netflix?

VPN One Click is not suitable for Netflix. Despite switching multiple servers, I was unable to access American Netflix. That’s a bit disappointing, considering other VPNs are capable of unblocking Netflix quite easily. That being said, I don’t feel like this issue is too complicated that it couldn’t get fixed soon.


Other Streaming Services that work with VPN One Click

Even though VPN One Cliông chồng didn’t manage to unblochồng American Netlfix, it surprisingly managed to unbloông xã BBC iPlayer. I was able to stream “Malory Towers” in HD chất lượng without any issues at all. Just kiểm tra out the screenshot below:


Compatibility – Which devices can I use VPN One Cliông chồng with?

VPN One Cliông xã offers dedicated apps for Android, Mac OS X, iOS, và Windows when it comes to compatibility. VPN One Cliông xã works with PS4, Apple TV, XBOX, Wii Console, và any Wi-Fi-enabled device. That being said, you will have khổng lồ opt for their proprietary B1-Router if you wish to lớn use it on other devices. For more information about the B1-Router, kiểm tra out this page.


VPN One Cliông xã for Windows và macOS

VPN One Cliông xã offers both Windows and macOS apps. Both of the apps are quite modern-looking & are quite easy to use. Both apps are also quite fast and really ever glitch out. One thing I didn’t like, however, is the laông xã of features. But then again, if you want a more advanced VPN, I would suggest you try some other service.


VPN One Cliông chồng for iOS & Android

VPN One Click Android and iOS apps offer a slichồng and handy interface for users of all levels. I love how simple their apps are khổng lồ use. Every option is nicely laid out và super easy to lớn find. That being said, I bởi vì wish that they offered a few more options. As for app ratings, VPN One Cliông xã has a 4.0-star rating on iTunes and a 4.7-star rating on the Google Play Store.


Pricing – How much does VPN One Clichồng cost?

VPN One Cliông chồng is fairly cheap. Unlượt thích other VPN providers, it doesn’t offer monthly or yearly plans. Instead, it offers OS-based plans with no discrimination among muốn services & features. Here are all the plans that VPN One Click currently offers:



Note: All packages offer multiple servers, all tunneling protocols, top-grade encryption, and much more.

As for payment methods, VPN One Cliông chồng boasts a range of payment options. You can purchase a subscription plan via PayPal, Bitcoin, & iTunes. As for refunds, VPN One Click’s refund policy varies between 7-days lớn 2-months, depending on the payment method you choose.

If you don’t want to lớn pay for the service straight away, you can always opt for VPN One Click’s miễn phí trial. The không tính tiền trial version lasts for two days, và you don’t need to provide your Credit Card or other financial information. Although you don’t get access lớn all of its features, you will still get access lớn two server locations in Europe.

Trustworthiness – Is VPN One Cliông xã good?

To be honest, yes. If your VPN usage is basic, then VPN One Click is a good choice. And besides, VPN One Clichồng legitimately follows the concept of no-logging. It is hard to find a reliable provider nowadays as most VPN vendors maintain users’ online activities.

Customer Support

VPN One Click has tons of FAQs and guides. It lets you navigate the VPN’s knowledge base when you cliông chồng on “Contact our Support.” Though there is no live chat support, the best way to lớn get quichồng tư vấn from the company is through social truyền thông channels. In particular, the provider is extremely active on Twitter.


Comparison between ExpressVPN & VPN One Click

Overall, I think VPN One Cliông xã is a solid VPN. But if you want something that offers more hệ thống và advanced features, you might want lớn check out this brief comparison between ExpressVPN and VPN One Click:

FeaturesExpressVPNVPN One ClickPriceServersCompatibilityJurisdictionLogging PolicyCustomer SupportTrustpilot ScoreWebsite
$6.67/mo $1.99/mo
3000+ in 94 CountriesAvailable in 50+ Countries
All DevicesWindows, macOS, Android, iOS và Gaming Consoles
The British Virgin IslandsUAE
Zero LogDoes not keep logs
Live Chat & Thư điện tử SupportKnowledgebase, FAQs và Guide
ExpressVPNVPN One Click

VPN One Click Alternatives

Now that you’ve learned everything about the pros and cons of VPN One Cliông xã, you should be able lớn make a well-informed decision. If you don’t think VPN One Click is right for you, then check out the menu of other alternatives below:

Do I Recommover VPN One Click?

Yes, I vày recommover VPN One Click. After conducting this VPN One Cliông chồng review, I can totally vouch for its fast speeds, sleek apps, và top-tier network infrastructure. I think VPN One Click definitely offers value for money, especially when you consider that it offers a true no-logs policy and extensive sầu refunds.

That being, it is still a bit rough around the edges. Although VPN One Click is great in terms of performance, I wish that it would add more features in the future. Also, it would be nice khổng lồ see it unbloông xã Netflix as well. Overall, after weighing all the pros & cons of this service, I’ve given it a 3.8/5.0 stars rating.

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If you want to check out our thoughts on other VPNs, make sure lớn go through our updated unbiased VPN reviews.

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