Disclaimer: This column contains spoilers for One Piece chapter 792 as well as predictions for things to lớn come.

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Welcome to lớn One Piece Podcast‘s weekly column, “OPP Predicts!” Each Tuesday we have sầu predictions from numerous members of The One Piece Podcast news, editorial, và podcast staff about thoughts on the lachạy thử chapter & where they think things may go in the next chapter, or even beyond that. Please bình luận below with your own predictions, và if you get yours right, we’ll feature it on next week’s column.

Let’s start out with a prediction from a fan last week regarding what they expected in this week’s chapter (tín đồ predictions directly below are copied as written, spelling errors & all)::

MickamottThe final part of this arc has given me a real Thriller Bark vibe. As such, I believe sầu 791 was the chapter where Odomain authority tricks us into lớn believing everything is alright – the sun has risen if you will. But next chapter will reveal a new dastardly situation, one which will likely be seen through rather quickly.Throughout One Piece Luffy is often taken out of the story or incapacitated in some way for x amount of time. Oda uses these times to lớn further develop side characters và other crew members. Usually a distinct moment in their character arcs.Another chance like this will be given as Luffy is most certainly down for the count (at least for the remainder of the arc). Someone or a group of someones will have sầu lớn giảm giá with a new threat (CP0, Burgess, Mom returning, Fujitora etc.) without any help from Dressrosa’s new nhân vật Lucy.This will be great for the story as I feel existing characters need a shot in the arm every now and then khổng lồ keep them interesting.Unfortunately this is as far as my prediction goes, as I am quite unsure who will be the one lớn st& up khổng lồ this new orgiảm giá khuyến mãi I predict.

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Phường.S. As a separate prediction the next time we see the Sabo vs. Burgess fight it will be over. We haven’t seen it in a long time & Odomain authority likes to lớn casually return khổng lồ the scene of a very surprising outcome. No prediction on the winner though.KaidoOK, I’m predicting that the Sabo vs. Burgess fight will continue in full swing, when Burgess sees Luffy’s unconscious toàn thân. He will try & ditch Sabo to lớn go after Luffy, và nearly succeeds. However, Riku, the Straw Hats, & all standing gladiators will rise up lớn protect him. When Sabo catches up, Burgess will decide it’s not worth it & departs from Dressrosa. The Marines will retrieve Doflamingo’s body toàn thân from the harbor and present it khổng lồ Fujitora, and we will see Doflamingo’s eyes for the first time. Fujitora will then order the Marines lớn leave sầu, and Maynard goes “What? There are dozens of criminals here to capture!” And Fujitora will go “I don’t SEE any criminals here” & walks away lượt thích a trùm.

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AkemichanOkay, now Odomain authority had lớn show us Fujitora và Sabo vs Burgess. This fight is the last one in Dressrosa and it has khổng lồ finish. I don’t know how: will Sabo be so superior that Burgess will take his leaves now that the birdcage is gone? Or Burgess will see the opportunity to take some other things? Frankly, the only fruit I see good for Burgess is Pika’s one or a smile, but I don’t know how I could take them, so probably he’s just gonna leave sầu.For Fujitora, I have no clue. I just know he had lớn contact the headquarter now, he has no more excuse. But I can’t immage what Sakazuki reaction could be, expecially because we now that he wanted to lớn speac with his superior, that probably knows everything about Doflamingo. But Akainu has a little grudge with Luffy, so I wonder if ge’ll be still their primary target…9872efrWhile it was a nice chapter of everyone’s reactions for the over of the fight, I can’t help but feel my excitement being diluted (mostly because the manga had taken the anime approach of showing reactions of everyone on a fairly regular basis). The only reaction that got lớn me was Kyuros’, the rest I could bởi without. Anyway, what I predicted last week will happen next chapter:It’s gonna be the classic after-villain-defeat chapter, showing the disappearing of the birdcage, the reaction of the people and expecially Usop, Riku, Franky, etc. I’m especting Odomain authority waiting for the next chapter to show us Fujitora (now that he can contact the headquarter) & the Sabo vs Burgess fight. I wonder if the CP0 is gonna to lớn make a nwe appareance now or in the next chapter…Were They Close?Mickamott got the closest of anyone here with his P.S. prediction, stating that we’d see the kết thúc of the Sabo & Burgess fight. Though I’d love to lớn give sầu kudos lớn Kaibởi vì for that Fujitora joke. Well done. You’ll go places, kid. I’ll also give sầu him extra points for mentioning Fujitora and Maynard in the same sentence. Those two had important enough roles in the actual chapter lớn warrant it, right?

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As an additional disclaimer: these are just predictions and are just the opinion of each individual member and not the podcast as a whole.

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