Besides Onekey Ghost you can ghost Win 7 using USB boot created from Hiren"s BootCD. Below is a detailed guide for you lớn ghost Windows 7.

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Creating USB ghost Win 7 can help you ghost many Win 7 computers without creating many Windows ghosts. See how Ghost Win 7 from USB is quite simple below!

In addition khổng lồ reinstalling the Windows operating system, users can choose how to lớn get the Ghost Win. The process and the time for ghost win lớn be faster than the installation of Windows operating system. Similar lớn installing Windows from a DVD, USB or HDD, the Ghost Win can also be performed on the above devices. In this article, we will show you how the Windows 7 ghost from a USB device.

How ghost Windows 7 from USB

First of all, khổng lồ make Windows 7 ghost, you need to prepare:

Use USB from 1 GB or more.Tool lớn format, format USB for FAT 32. Tải về USBFormat tool.Tool lớn create the ability khổng lồ boot USB download tool.Tool khổng lồ boot và edit computers download Hiren"s BootCD tool. Only in the old Hiren"s BootCD version will include Norton Ghost..GHO format Windows 7 file to run ghost.

Step 1:

Then we will proceed lớn create USB Boot with Hiren"s BootCD. You read reference how to perform details in Hiren"s USB flash tutorial.


Step 2:

Next, users will take steps lớn conduct a ghost Win 7 using USB. First of all, we will access the BIOS interface according khổng lồ different shortcuts in the computer lines. To lớn know the BIOS access key on the device you are using, refer to lớn the Guide lớn BIOS entry on different computers.


After that, users will set boot mode from USB instead of DVD or hard drive. Click on the Boot tab và use the arrows lớn navigate and select the Removable Devices boot method, using a USB or external hard drive to boot.

How lớn set up the BIOS How to lớn set up BIOS to lớn boot from USB / CD / DVD, external hard drive.


Finally, press F10 and select Yes to lớn save.


Step 3:

After choosing khổng lồ boot from USB, the user clicks on the Dos Program .


Next to the user press 2 lớn select Backup Tools . If using another version, it will be Custom thực đơn . Okay.


Step 4:

In the danh mục of Norton Ghost appear, you press number 6 lớn access.


Finally, press 8 to select Ghost (Normal) to perform ghost Win 7.



Step 5:

Next khổng lồ the user to process then run automatically. When the screen appears the ghost / ghost creation software interface as shown below, click OK khổng lồ continue.


Then select Local> Partition> From Image .


Step 6:

In the folder interface on the computer, we use the up và down arrow keys khổng lồ navigate khổng lồ the thư mục containing the Win 7. GHO file .


Then click Open to open this .GHO file.


Step 7:

Switch to the new interface for users to select the drive khổng lồ install. Usually there will be 2 HDD and USB drives when we run Windows 7 ghost with USB. USB drives are usually smaller than HDD drives. After selecting click OK to continue.


Step 8:

Next, we will select the partition lớn install the Windows 7 operating system. Users should install the system partition that installed the previous operating system to lớn Norton Ghost to overwrite. If you select the partition containing the data, all the data will be erased.

Click OK to lớn go to lớn the next step.


Step 9:

A message dialog box will appear, click Yes to lớn confirm.


Soon, Norton Ghost will proceed with Windows 7 ghost process automatically.

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Above is the guide how lớn ghost 7 Win with USB. The ghost Win process of backing up & restoring data in this way is faster than when we install a new operating system. However, you should not abuse the ghost ghost too much on your computer because it will affect the hard drive.

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