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June 8, 2020 (2 years ago)
Titanium Backup Pro
Titanium Track

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Android 1.5

Download Titanium Backup Pro MOD APK for không tính tiền on my-huawei.com và baông xã up files on your Android device quickly, easily.

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Introduce about Titanium Backup ProMOD APK version of Titanium Backup Pro

Introduce about Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium Backup is a great application that makes it easy và convenient to bachồng up data on your phone. It is popular & widely used for its ability to recover data, SMS data, MMS and even on other phones. To make this tiện ích more và more popular, the developer Titanium Traông xã has released Titanium Backup PRO version – an upgraded version with much greater capabilities than its predecessor.

With the ability lớn remove sầu crapware, transfer applications lớn SD memory cards & the ability to delete data of old applications, Titanium Backup Pro is really needed for rooted Android devices. Especially with this version, you will be able lớn use more interesting functions that you had to lớn pay lớn tăng cấp your account lớn Titanium and moreover, you have many new features added.

Automatic recovery your data

Now with this new version, users can easily recover multiple data at the same time without having to lớn cliông chồng many times. Each application has more backups, you never have sầu to worry about losing data. For individual applications, data from non-root ADB backups, CWM backups, TWRP backups can now be easily restored.



Like the previous version, users will have two options when synchronizing data manually or settings so that they automatically synchronize according to lớn an available schedule (phối unlimited schedule). Synchronize easily & quickly from all applications such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive sầu and some other cloud services. In particular, during the backup process, the user’s uploads or downloads will be saved as a ZIP tệp tin. Therefore, users can manage backups more easily and quickly.

Free up more memory

Dalvik cabịt cleaning function, integrate system phầm mềm update into lớn ROM or integrate Dalvik cabịt system elements into lớn ROM. This will allow for more space in the memory, allowing the user khổng lồ store more.

Tip: Combine with ES File Explorer Premium lớn be able khổng lồ clean up the device.

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In addition, Titanium Backup PRO has many other extremely useful functions. With a powerful backup management tool, you can mix up schedules, baông chồng up different types of data on multiple calendars, and even move system data across different ROMs. Now, you can không tính phí up apps, data, & other apps easily (including all protected apps và system apps, external data, data on SD cards).

Users will not have sầu to close any applications while backing up và can move sầu any applications (or data) to/from the SD memory card. Requires Market feature is very useful, used to view detailed information about an application. From there, users can consider carefully before deciding khổng lồ buy or install them.

With many powerful capabilities, the application allows you khổng lồ freeze/ thaw/launch applications with one cliông chồng, converting application data to/from the WAL DB format faster.


Titanium Backup Pro’s giải pháp công nghệ ensures that only modified data is saved to lớn the next backup tệp tin. Therefore, the application does not create duplicate backups to lớn save sầu storage space. Complex encryption algorithms will protect your data and ensure no third parties can access it.

Support 24/7

With this version of Titanium Backup PRO, all upgrades are completely không tính phí. This makes it easier for users to lớn access these great functions. In order for users khổng lồ be most satisfied when using this application, the publisher is ready lớn support 24/24 with all issues.

MOD APK version of Titanium Backup Pro

MOD feature

Unlocked: APK version downloaded from my-huawei.com is the full version with Premium unlocked (All premium features have been unlocked).


With its powerful & great features, Titanium Backup PRO gradually becomes an indispensable data cleaning tool for everyone. Now you can easily protect your data, create backups and manage them. Titanium Backup Pro is ready to help you, please install the tiện ích on your Android device today.