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IMO: The World of Magic is an open-world 2D MMORPG with multiple classes, attractive px art, & upgradeable, customizable characters. Enter a massive pixelated world as a Warrior, Ranger, or Magician where you’ll fight enemies, complete quests, and collect loot lớn level up and become a force khổng lồ reckon with in PvPhường & dungeons.

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Publisher: Com2uSPlayerbase: HighType: Mobile MMORPGRelease Date: April 15, 2010 (NA/EU)Pros: +Large persistent world. +Retro pixel art. +Great social features.Cons: -Clunky UI. -Retro graphics won"t appeal khổng lồ everyone.



The World of Magic Overview

IMO: The World of Magic is an open-world MMORPG for iOS và Android, originally released in 2006 for the Korean thiết bị di động market, ported in 2010 khổng lồ the iOS và Android stores. Piông chồng between two factions: The Siras Empire & the Kingdom of Lanos, which change your starting city & the group of players you interact with. Become one of three classes: Warrior, Ranger, or Magician khổng lồ fight monsters in the open-world with chất lượng class-specific abilities. Eventually fight against or join with players in combat khổng lồ get great equipment và items, with a chat system available that allows you lớn communicate with friends quickly. Grind monsters và complete fetch quests similar to games lượt thích Ragnarok Online. Lots of grinding is required to progress in the game, giving it a more retro Korean MMORPG experience that doesn’t hvà the player everything on a platter.

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The World of Magic Key Features:

Classic MMORPG chơi Game – activate skills to kill endlessly spawning rounds of monsters lớn grind experience and loot.xuất hiện World – explore the game’s huge world filled with towns, other players, & chất lượng enemy bosses.Three Classes – pick from a Warrior, Ranger, or Magician lớn take on the game’s challenges with your preferred playstyle.

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PvP  participate in the game’s PvP.. arenas in real-timeJoin Guilds – join groups of players in a guild và tackle dungeons together. Communicate through the game’s social system.

The World of Magic Screenshots

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