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Buying everything in The Sims 4 is a game in itself – a collect-a-hẹp that requires expert knowledge in the field. Like a jewel appraiser, the Sims 4 expert can look at a DVD case and – ah, bởi vì you see? – observe sầu the subtle but telltale signs that distinguish a Game Paông xã from a Stuff Paông chồng. By the over of this article, that expert will be you.

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing add-ons according to whatever pops up on Origin & takes your fancy. But if you want to lớn know the whole Sims 4 landscape before deciding where you lvà – or are simply curious about how much you could spend on one management game, if you wanted to – then read on.

You should know that The Sims 4 và its many expansions, trò chơi Packs, & Stuff Packs are regularly on sale. These discounts can be pretty hefty – at the time of writing, EA is selling the base game at half price, while a couple of bundles offer đơn hàng on the most recent expansions.

As such, if you were khổng lồ splurge on the entire Sims 4 catalogue on any given day, you would be unlikely khổng lồ pay full whack for all of it. The total we’ve come lớn merely pulls together the cost of the game and every piece of DLC at full price.

That caveat out of the way, it’s maths time.



The Sims 4 – £34.99

Here’s the game as it was released baông chồng in năm trước, plus a bunch of patches that filled some of the notable gaps you may have sầu heard about at the time – namely toddlers & swimming pools. Given that The Sims is known as a simulator of both life and lavish lifestyles, it’s still remarkable neither were in there to begin with, but I digress. The Sims 4 is a good PC game.

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The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe cộ edition – £44.99

You’ll pay a steep price for the pleasure

The question here is whether you’d splash out for the additions available here. There are a couple of good reasons for doing so: exclusive sầu items & outfits that are great for parties, & a copy of the soundtraông xã – which is excellent working music. There’s nothing that makes you more productive sầu than an earful of Buy Mode. You’ll pay a steep price for the pleasure, but if you really want everything, Digital Deluxe should be in your basket.

Running total: £44.99



Say what you lượt thích about the DLC habit of The Sims but you can’t deny the pricing is nice và clear. Unless they’re on sale, expansion packs cost £34.99 – always. Think of these as ‘90s-style add-ons – meaty, meaningful additions to lớn game mechanics và playable areas. Are pets really optional? I don’t think they are. Here, kitty kitty. Get in the basket.

Get lớn Work – £34.99Get Together – £34.99City Living – £34.99Cats và Dogs – £34.99Seasons – £34.99

Running total: £44.99 + (£34.99 x 5) = £219.94



The next type of DLC on the ladder is the Game Pachồng, which is still a substantial themed experience – lượt thích running a restaurant, having a nice day at the spa, or transforming inkhổng lồ an immortal creature of myth và building a lair in the Forgotten Hollow. As it stands, there aren’t many more trò chơi Packs than there are expansions – but at £17.99 each, that’s another major hit khổng lồ the wallet.

Outdoor Retreat – £17.99Spage authority Day – £17.99Dine Out – £17.99Vampires – £17.99Parenthood – £17.99Jungle Adventure – £17.99StrangerVille – £17.99

Running total: £219.94 + (£17.99 x 7) = £345.87



Now we’re getting frivolous. Throwing cash at the throwaway. Spending on the furniture and fashion choices that give sầu EA và The Sims such a reputation for over-expanding. Yet there’s value even in the simple Stuff Pachồng if it fits your sensibilities – I’m a Movie Hangout and Bowling Night kind of person, but not so much Laundry Day.

Need more control? Play the best management games on PC

There’s an argument khổng lồ be made that this is how Stuff Packs are best consumed – as modifiers that turn The Sims 4 toward your particular interests, rather than essential purchases khổng lồ be bought in bulk. But, sod it, we’ve come this far. In the basket with you. All of you.

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Luxury Party Stuff – £9.99Perfect Patio Stuff – £9.99Cool Kitchen Stuff – £9.99Spooky Stuff – £9.99Movie Hangout Stuff – £9.99Romantic Garden Stuff – £9.99Kids Room Stuff – £9.99

Backyard Stuff – £9.99Vintage Glamour Stuff – £9.99Bowling Night Stuff – £9.99Fitness Stuff – £9.99Toddler Stuff – £9.99Laundry Day Stuff – £9.99My First Pet Stuff – £9.99

Total: £345.87 + (£9.99 x 14) = £485.73

We did it: we spent approximately ten times the amount of a new triple-A game on The Sims 4. In our heads, at least. Are you proud? I’m proud on some màn chơi, in the same way acid house group The KLF must have been when they burned a million pounds in a disused boathouse on the Scottish island of Jura.

We now own a truly comprehensive version of one of the best management games you can play on PC. But at what cost? Oh, yeah – £485.73. Does anyone else feel a bit sick?

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