The lodgers

In this gothic supernatural thriller, a family curse confines orphan twins Rachel (Charlotte Vega) and Edward (Bill Milner) to lớn their trang chủ as punishment for their ancestors’ sins. Bound to rules derived from a childhood nursery rhyme, they must never let any outsiders inlớn the house, be in their rooms before midnight, và never be separated. Breaking the rules would let the wrath of "The Lodgers” who prowl the corridors at night. While Edward is committed lớn this ill-fated life, he’s becoming more unhinged due to lớn the fact that Rachel is not. Smitten by a local soldier (Euren Simon), Rachel grows skeptical & begins to rebel, desperate khổng lồ escape the oppression & misery of their captivity.

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DVD / Blu-Ray

The Lodgers DVD / Blu-Ray

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R The Lodgers

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