Can blind people drive?

There are a small number of questions that blind people seem lớn get asked regularly. But here are five sầu lesser-known things about blindness from those who know.

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There is an often-quoted view that a blind person's remaining four senses are heightened khổng lồ compensate for their laông xã of vision. In popular culture, sightless supernhân vật Daredevil makes use of his super senses khổng lồ save the world, & in the film Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino's blind character could tell one perfume from another at the drop of a hat.

Many blind people feel their hearing is no better than sighted people's - it's just that they have lớn listen more intently khổng lồ sounds around them. They gauge distance & direction of traffic by ear khổng lồ avoid being hit by a oto, and will tune into announcements at stations to find out which platsize their train is on. Sighted people are more likely lớn focus on the display boards when travelling.

But there is some evidence lớn support the heightened senses theory. Retìm kiếm at the University of Montreal in 2012 suggests that a blind person's brain does re-wire itself lớn use the visual cortex. Normally preoccupied with seeing, it's hijacked khổng lồ improve sầu the processing of other information such as sound và touch.

Many blind people use reflected sound waves to build a mental picture of their surroundings (similar lớn bats và dolphins) in a process known as echolocation. Most use it all the time without realising, khổng lồ avoid walking into lớn things. Others claim to be able to tell an object's distance, size, texture and density by clicking their tongue against the roof of their mouth about three times per second & are able lớn go hiking & cycling without a trắng cane or a dog.

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People who were born blind have sầu no understanding of how to lớn see in their waking lives, so they can't see in their dreams. But most blind people thua trận their sight later in life & can dream visually. Danish retìm kiếm in 2014 found that as time passes, a blind person is less likely to lớn dream in pictures.

The same research says that people who are born blind have sầu more nightmares than sighted people. The theory is that nightmares are mental rehearsals of potentially distressing events, và they can help develop coping mechanisms. For example, blind people in the study reported dreaming about getting lost, being hit by a oto or losing their guide dog.

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Over time, many blind people will get a feel for the shape và style of clothes that suit them & they will tkết thúc lớn cửa hàng with trusted people.

The fashion-conscious blind person puts considerable energy into ensuring that their outfits match, but công nghệ is often needed for differentiating between colours. A colour detector is a talking gadget which, when pressed against a piece of clothing for a second or two, loudly announces "light olive sầu green" or "dark blue" in a posh English accent. They aren't totally accurate & tover to be used occasionally when sorting laundry and checking items which feel similar.

Blind people have sầu various systems for keeping traông chồng of their clothes. Some will sew different shaped buttons on to labels to denote colours. Others might cut the labels in various ways. Some favour the Pen Frikết thúc, a barcode reader with labels that can be loaded with information about the clothing, including colour và washing instructions. Others will just try và rethành viên the information or buy clothes that all match.

Contrary lớn popular belief, guide dogs vì not tell their owner when it is time lớn cross the road và they bởi not take their owner where they want to lớn go based on an instruction such as "find the shops".

Guide dogs walk in a straight line, always on the left of a person, & are trained to lớn keep an eye on their owner's right shoulder khổng lồ protect against collisions. They avoid obstacles và stop at kerbs. They know their left from right. Sometimes dogs might lead their owner inlớn overhanging branches because its trickier for them to lớn judge overhead obstacles. It all takes practice. It's a partnership & owners often consider they're driving the dog rather than being led by it.

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Unofficially, guide dogs can provide good companionship for isolated blind people. Their presence can help owners feel safer while out & about. And of course, a dog can be a good ice-breaker in a social situation.

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Blind and visually impaired people use computer technology in three ways. Some, who can see a bit, can get software that magnifies everything on the screen lớn a size they can easily read.

Totally blind people have sầu two options. A Braille display can sit underneath a keyboard & provide a tactile version of words on the screen, one line at a time. But less than 1% of the two million people with vision problems in the UK can read Braille, và anyway, the display can cost thousands of pounds.

A far more popular option is a screenreader - software which reads the screen in an intelligent way, using a synthetic voice. Voices are improving in quality all the time but many old-school blind computer users stick khổng lồ the one that sounds lượt thích Stephen Hawking, because it can be understood at a fast tốc độ and because they're used to its pronunciation. After a while, users stop noticing what their screenreader sounds lượt thích và crank it up to a tốc độ that's unintelligible to the average person. Some use both Braille and speech together.