The credentials supplied are not sufficient to access this printer–nasi

Recently, one of my customers has found that after installation of the upgrade from Windows 8.1 lớn Windows 10, the network printer connected to this computer stopped printing documents from other computers running Windows XPhường. (In spite the end of support for Windows XP, it still widely used in SOHO.)

If on a computer running Windows XP you double-clichồng the network printer installed on a Windows 10 PC (workgroup without a domain), the following error appears:


When trying to lớn connect a network printer in XP through the Connect option of the printer context thực đơn, it is prompted khổng lồ specify the name và password of a user with privileges on the remote Windows 10 computer .

Bạn đang xem: The credentials supplied are not sufficient to access this printer–nasi


After you enter user name và password (even of the local administrator trương mục in Windows 10), this error appears:

The credentials supplied are not sufficient lớn access this printer. Do you want khổng lồ specify new credentials?


Then you specify the password and the same repeats again và again… The most interesting thing is that you can open any files on a network tóm tắt in Windows 10 from the XPhường client without any troubles (so the problem is not in the laông xã of support of SMB 1.0). The problem appears only with network printers. If a shared printer in the same configuration is connected khổng lồ Windows 8.1, you can print anything easily.

What we tried to do: In the Network and Sharing Center in Windows 10 we disabled entering password to lớn access a PC running Windows 10 from the network (Turn off password protected sharing), switch to lớn Enable File Sharing for Devices That Use 40- or 56-Bit Encryption mode, tried khổng lồ create the same local users in both systems. Nothing helped.

Finally, to lớn connect khổng lồ a shared printer in Windows 10 from a computer running Windows XPhường, we had lớn use an old workaround and connect the printer via a local port.

Select or install the suitable printer driver.

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Finish the installation, restart both computers và try lớn print a document. It should be printed successfully!

Note. I have found a quite interesting fact: a user has khổng lồ be logged in Windows 10, otherwise the port won’t be available.
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