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Feel lượt thích your favorite nhân vật with the OFFICIAL The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Live Wallpaper. Marvel Comics & Spider-Man fans can recreate the excitement of the hit movie with this incredible Live sầu Wallpaper tiện ích, exclusively for Android! Get ready for high flying, website swinging action directly on your hom... see more Feel like your favorite nhân vật with the OFFICIAL The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Live sầu Wallpaper.

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Marvel Comics và Spider-Man fans can recreate the excitement of the hit movie with this incredible Live Wallpaper ứng dụng, exclusively for Android! Get ready for high flying, web swinging action directly on your trang chính screen!Download the free version of the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Live sầu Wallpaper, based on the Marvel / Columbia Pictures sequel, featuring a close-up of Spidey’s chest hình ảnh sản phẩm on his costume!You can unloông chồng the premium version of the Live sầu Wallpaper featuring a fully animated and interactive 3D mã sản phẩm of the ol’ web-head, Spider-Man, wearing his costume based on the hit film The Amazing Spider-Man 2!“You say you don't want the responsibility? Guess what? People like us... We don't get a choice.” – Spider-ManPay cthất bại attention khổng lồ the spider biểu tượng logo on Spider-Man’s chest as his Spidey Sense “tingles”, which doubles as a battery gauge for your Android device!Watch as it shoots & flickers with bright bolts of Spidey Sense when your device’s battery is full và then gradually dims as your power depletes.When your device gets cđại bại to zero power your không tính phí battery gauge’s Spider-Man chest hình ảnh will flash red & the Spider-Man will provide audio assistance reminding you lớn plug in your device!If that isn’t enough Spidey action for you, than an nâng cấp is in order via several unlockable premium options.Once unlocked & onscreen, you can tap Spider-Man khổng lồ invoke several awesome animations.Also, lớn help you over-come any potential threats to NYC, the web-slinger will deliver you email, missed Hotline & text alerts in the khung of a website blast covering your entire screen!If you’re feeling lượt thích a casualty of wasted time, unlock the premium Cloông xã Widget, which features the day, time & local weather as well as the voice of the wise cracking web-head, Spider-Man.Hear the hero in red and xanh recite the time for you as well as little surprises here & there for you to lớn discover while the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cloông chồng Widget is set lớn your home page screen.Are you ready lớn protect Thành Phố New York City, the world and your Android device? Then unloông chồng the Sticker Widget paông chồng và place the ol’ web-slinger, Spider-Man, (3 different poses available), anywhere on your home screen!Is your spidey sense still not tingling enough..?There’s an unlockable premium custom keyboard skin featuring Spider-Man, the pride of NYC, who’s here khổng lồ aid you in all your web-slinging texting missions!Even the most deranged Oscorp villain isn’t going to be able to stand up to the super strength this phầm mềm wields, making your Android phone or tablet the most heroic device around.The whole world’s going khổng lồ be watching, (& downloading), The Amazing Spider-Man 2… Don’t miss out on the web-slinging excitement; tải về today!Fully optimized for devices và tablets.The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Live sầu Wallpaper uses READ_SMS and READ_CALL_LOGS to lớn enable the ol’ webhead to help you stay up-to-date with all of your device’s incoming texts and missed calls. If you have unlocked the 3D version of Spider-Man, he will deliver animated alerts for both new texts and missed calls directly on your homescreen!Terms & Conditions: http://www.cellfishtruyền thông media.com/terms/Privacy Policy: http://corp.bandsintown.com/privacy.

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