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Amazing Spider-Man 3: What Could’ve sầu Happened in the Abandoned Sequel Sony planned a sequel & spinoffs to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before teaming up with Marvel Studquả táo. Here"s what could have sầu been.

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Tom Holl& is preparing khổng lồ film his third solo movie as the Marvel Cinematic Universe"s Spider-Man. However, fans still wonder what could have sầu been with the previous Spider-Man series started by 2012"s The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield as the webslinging supernhân vật. Sony announced two direct sequels và a wave sầu of spinoffs that would have sầu sprung from 2014"s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before cancelling much of its planned Spidey slate when it entered into a partnership for the character with Marvel Studios.

Here is what was revealed about The Amazing Spider-Man 3 before its cancellation, & why the planned film ultimately fell through.

Much of the story involving Garfield"s Spider-Man revolved around the young superhero investigating the mysterious experiments conducted by his father, his family"s connection to the nefarious OsCorp conglomerate và a shadowy figure that had appeared lớn the numerous villains in the first two films. However, the third film would largely center on Peter"s attempt lớn piông xã up the pieces of his life. Director Marc Webb hinted that the movie would open with Spider-Man still mourning the death of his true love sầu Gwen Stacy.

Shailene Woodley was cast as Mary Jane Watson, Peter"s next-door neighbor, similar to lớn the previous Sam Raimi-helmed Spider-Man trilogy. Woodley had even filmed scenes with Garfield that were planned for inclusion in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. However, these were cut khổng lồ allow more time to focus on the relationship between Peter và Gwen. While there were expectations that MJ would be introduced in the sequel, Woodley anticipated that the role would be recast without her completely.

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Promised Villains

In a visible distinction from the Tobey Maguire-starring Spider-Man trilogy, all of the major villains that Garfield"s Spider-Man faced survived their initial appearances to lớn presumably fight another day. Sony doubled down on this by revealing chambers within the Ravencroft Institute that would theoretically house the Sinister Six. Additionally, imagery teasing Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter, Vulture and Mysterio was seen, presumably led by Harry Osborn, with the Rhino completing the team after his previous introduction.

However, another Green Goblin may have entered the mix, with Chris Cooper revealing he had filmed additional scenes as Norman Osborn, expanding on his brief appearance in the theatrical cut of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In the unused scene, Norman -- who had died of a terminal illness early in the movie -- was revealed to lớn have been kept alive sầu as a head in a box. Similarly, Felithành phố Jones expressed interest in reprising her role as Felicia Hardy, which could potentially have sầu seen her become the Blaông chồng Cat.

Sudden Cancellation

Andrew Garfield in Amazing Spider-Man
Garfield and Webb had both been contracted to return for a third Spider-Man film. The film was set for release in June năm 2016, while a fourth film was tentatively scheduled for May 2018. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-writers Alex Kurtzman, Bob Orci and Jeff Pinkner were all signed to write the threequel. Additionally, Drew Goddard signed on khổng lồ write và direct a Sinister Six spinoff to be released in November 2016, and Kurtzman and Orci planned to co-write a Venom spinoff with Ed Solotháng, with Kurtzman attached to lớn direct.

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While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 earned $709 million worldwide on a reported production budget of over $200 million, it was a franchise-low total for Sony và faced particularly poor critical nhận xét. With the franchise in doubt, Sony opted to enter a partnership with Marvel Studtiện ích ios instead, rebooting Spider-Man once again while making the character part of the immensely popular MCU. The giảm giá specified that Sony retained financial & creative sầu control of its solo Spider-Man films and spinoffs và Marvel Studios would co-produce the films in exchange for creative đầu vào and a margin of the box office returns.

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