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My Talking Tom is a game featuring a virtual pet. It is an tiện ích designed to lớn take care of your pet cát, but virtually. The Slovenian studio Outfit7 is the developer of the game, which released on November 2013 for iOS devices. Later in January 2014, the phầm mềm became available for app android devices as well. My talking Tom is similar lớn Pou, and the fourteenth installment khổng lồ the Talking tom and friends Franchise.Quý Khách sẽ xem: My talking tom 5

Similar to My talking tom, my talking Angela released on December 3, năm trước. It was then followed by my talking Hank in năm 2016. And finally in 2018, my talking Tom 2, a sequel lớn the first talking tom was out! My talking tom became the number 1 gaming phầm mềm in almost 135 countries. The game features, adopting your very own kitten, & helping hyên become a fully grown cat. Take good care of your virtual pet, name hyên & make hyên part of your daily life by feeding him, playing with him and nurturing hyên as he grows.

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My Talking Tom: Original Features

Over 10 mini-games are available lớn make the game more interesting and fun! It includes: Happy Connect, Bubble Shooter, Planet Hop và more. By playing the games, in between you can earn more gold coins.You can record videos và mô tả it with your friends. Furthermore, you can watch other videos, including your friends’. However, this feature is available on app android versions 4.4 or above sầu.You can visit your friends, và other user’s talking toms too. Moreover, you can Visit your friends và other players’ Talking Toms. You can also check out apartments, và customize your own talking tom.

My Talking Tom: Gameplay

My talking tom took the world by a storm after its release. It is a quality game that allows the owner to lớn take care và own a pet, without the hassle of actually having it in the real world. But at the same time, it allows you to lớn receive sầu the pleasure of owning a cat! In the game, you receive sầu a pet kitten, và are entrusted lớn take care of the pet. You have to lớn feed hlặng, dress hyên ổn, bathe hyên & even play with hlặng. Along with it, you can also customize your pet mèo according to lớn your liking. You can change his coat, as well as his eye color. You can also decorate his trang chính, basically he becomes a part of your everyday life, like a real pet would.

The health of the cat, depends on the user. It is entirely the responsibility of the player lớn take care of the pet, including its nightly routine & sleeping pattern. It is also essential to interact with your pet, by talking, playing mini-games & tucking hyên inkhổng lồ bed. The manufacturers have designed the app in such a way, that the tom repeats everything that the user says.

The name of the cat, can be changed according lớn the liking of the user. The pet, uses a synthesized voice lớn repeat the words spoken into the device’s microphone for maximum 25 seconds. In my talking tom, the player can visit the pet’s friends’ houses or travel around the world. However, it is only possible via in-app purchases, in-game currency or logging onto Facebook. Users can also customize the pet with accessories, including different outfits & skins using the in-game money.



My Talking Tom Mod APK Features 

So above were some features of My Talking Tom Mod APK that you will get it while downloading the mod apk from below liên kết.

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How khổng lồ Install My Talking Tom Mod/Hack APK?

Follow the below steps :

First of all tải về & install My Talking Tom Mod APK from below download liên kết providedNow Install the Mod APK in your device by taping and allowing Unknown SourceNow let the installation be finished.After successfully installation open the ứng dụng và enjoy the hachồng features of My Talking Tom.Done..

FAQ : My Talking Tom Mod APK

Q. Is this thủ thuật tiện ích không tính phí khổng lồ use?

Ans. Yes, this phầm mềm is 100% free khổng lồ use, you never have to lớn pay money. Also you will get unlimited money và all unlocked in this gian lận app android.

Q. Do original version & mod version of this phầm mềm are same?

Ans. Everything is same but you will get unlimited money & many hachồng features only in mod/haông xã version this ứng dụng.

Q. Is this the haông chồng version of My Talking Tom ?

Ans. Yes, it is haông chồng version of My Talking Tom i.e My Talking Tom Haông xã APK.

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Download My Talking Tom Mod APK Lathử nghiệm Hack Version

Click Here to Download My Talking Tom Mod APK Hachồng Lathử nghiệm Version

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