System requirements for endpoint protection 14

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Version 14 includes three new sizes of client installation packages, based on which mix of virus definitions they include:
Standard client: Designed for typical installations where clients have sầu access khổng lồ the cloud or the clients are version 12.1.6 và earlier. The standard client is 80% to lớn 90% smaller than a dark network client installation package và includes the most recent vi khuẩn definitions only. After installation, the client accesses the full mix of virus definitions from the cloud.
Embedded client or VDI client: The embedded client replaces the reduced-form size client that was introduced in version 12.1.6. The embedded client is smaller than the standard client và also includes the most recent vi khuẩn definitions only. After installation, the client accesses the full phối of virus definitions from the cloud.
Dark network client: Installs a full phối of virut definitions và keeps the definitions locally rather than accessing them from the cloud. Use this client installation package if the client computers are in networks with no access to the cloud.
prevents common vulnerability attacks in typical software applications. Generic Exploit Mitigation installs with intrusion prevention & includes the following types of protection: Java exploit prevention, heap spray mitigation, and structured exception handling overwrite protection (SEHOP). The protections apply khổng lồ the specific applications that are listed in the Intrusion Prevention policy. Symantec Endpoint Protection downloads the application list as part of its LiveUpdate nội dung. To see the danh sách of applications, open an Intrusion Prevention policy và then cliông chồng
option (Windows): You can enable or disable suspicious behavior detection if SONAR is disabled. Therefore, you can have behavior policy enforcement protection of applications on while SONAR scoring is off.

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option (Windows, Linux): You can disable the option for SONAR or Auto-Protect khổng lồ scan files on computers on other networks. Disabling this option increases performance. However, you should keep this option enabled as SONAR looks for worms such as Sality, which infects network drives. For Auto-Protect scans all files reduces & reduces the client computer's performance, you can enable the
Auto-Protect user mode reduces kernel memory usage and provides greater system health. In rare cases of crashes, the computer does not xanh screen and is recoverable.
For Auto-Protect và virus scans, a new emulator improves scan performance and effectiveness by at least 10 percent. This anti-evasion technique addresses packed malware obfuscation techniques and detects the malware that is hidden inside custom packers.
This new endpoint-based machine learning engine can detect malware based on static attributes. This giải pháp công nghệ enables Symantec Endpoint Protection lớn detect malware in the pre-execution phase, thereby stopping large classes of malware, both known and unknown. The AML engine works with the Symantec real-time cloud-based threat intelligence khổng lồ provide best-in-class protection with low false positives.
You can still enable or disable Insight Lookup for version 14 and legacy 12.1.x clients, but you cannot phối the sensitivity level or action settings. Instead, Insight Lookup uses internal settings to lớn optimize the scan because Download Insight detections are now completely handled by real-time protection. The new

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On standard & embedded/VDI clients, Insight Lookup now allows Auto-Protect, scheduled scans, and manual scans to look up both file reputation information & definitions in the cloud. However, the dark network clients include the full phối of definitions & do not use Insight Lookup. You enable Insight Lookup in the

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