How to reset android box to factory settings?

If your Android TV box isn’t working or you simply want to lớn start everything from fresh, a factory rephối is an excellent way of rejuvenating your TV box và making it feel like new. In this guide, I’ll show you how to lớn remix your Android box lớn factory settings using two methods.

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Why Factory Rephối an Android TV Box?

There’s plenty of reasons you’d want to go Nuclear và wipe your Android TV box:Android Box won’t boot up: Sometimes bad things happen và you’ll find your Android TV box won’t boot. Often a factory reset will fix this, though you’ll need khổng lồ set everything up again.Android Box is feeling slow: Installing apps, documents and more on your Android TV box can hurt your TV box’s performance. If everything feels sluggish, a factory remix can often restore its performance.Android TV box keeps buffering: Most Android TV box users stream videos using apps like Kodi và there’s nothing worse than buffering interrupting your videos. Here’s some buffering fixes you can try first before factory resetting your Android TV box, but sometimes you need lớn resort to lớn drastic measures.

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How khổng lồ Factory Rephối an Android TV Box to lớn Factory Settings

There’s actually two ways of factory resetting an Android TV box:Factory Reset in Android: Android comes with its own factory reset function built-in.Remix lớn Factory Settings using a Hardware Reset: If Android starts playing up and your Android TV box won’t boot, factory resetting using Android’s built-in mechanisms won’t work. In this situation, you’ll need lớn vì a hard reset using your device’s low-cấp độ functionality.

Reset an Android TV Box to lớn Factory Settings in Android

Time needed: 5 minutes.Resetting an apk tv box to factory settings is pretty much the same on most TV boxes. Here’s how to Remix an Android TV Box khổng lồ Factory Settings in Android.

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Open up Settings on your Android TV box

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