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Soviet Union

Vietnamese Red Amy





Chinese Rebel Army

Operation Vietphái mạnh is about the Vietphái mạnh army discovering that the soviets have sầu constructed a time machine & some of there leaders persuade Premier Chedenko khổng lồ "lend" the time machine & troops so they can stop the americans from taking over vietnam but allies found this out and realised that they must go bachồng và help the americans lớn stop the space-time continuyên ổn being changed the allies act fast và construct their own time machine. The leaders from the allies và soviets go bac in time so Rising Sun Decide khổng lồ attaông xã but the chinese rebel army help try to defkết thúc russia và take out the Rising Sun.


You should tải về this because:

There is 2 new factions

Loads of new units

Lots of edited units

Br& new Missions

Great New Maps (if you want more info or me to lớn make maps for any CnC game sover cookkie.trùm cuối a PM :) )

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Some New Maps ReadyJul 25 2009News

here is the link khổng lồ the group you should join if you can map or if you are looking for mappers khổng lồ help with any of your cnc mods --> :) :) :) :) next week more news on this awesome group and our new maps

In Other news WE NEED MODDERS PLEASE anyone who can thủ thuật please help!

Vietnamese MissionsJul 15 2009News 1 comment

This is where you can see the vietnam missions

Chinese Rebel ArmyJul 15 2009News

The Chinese Rebel army are a small high tech army they may not have sầu a wide range of units but their pretty svào.

Empire Of The Rising SunJul 12 2009News

The Empire of the Rising Strikes the Soviets và Allies When they go back in time to the vietnamese war without the great leaders of the soviets & the...

Soviet UnionJul 11 2009News

The Soviet Union Help The Vietnamese Army stop the american take over Vietphái nam with these weapons

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playmsbk Oct 2 2009

just thought some infantry for china and vietnam.chinese infantry should be build not in person but in squads that can be person.for example basic infantry is built in 5 units,advanced in 2.

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J2O Sep 13 2009

how vị u tải về the gian lận lặng new so if u help it would be much appriciated :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Cookie.Monster Sep 15 2009

this gian lận isnt out

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Cookie.Monster Aug 12 2009

b4 any1 says this is dead you are wrong my máy tính xách tay it currently screwed & well its on a hault

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Cookie.Monster Jul 25 2009

The Map

Reply Good karma+1 vote
T.G-Tom Jul 16 2009

It"s updated, what"s new?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
razrkillr Jul 13 2009

harbanger và stealth need fixing. Please make them fly like vidicators. The harbangers attaông chồng makes it fly over... fix also.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Altimeter Jul 13 2009

It would be better if you made the mod aboutthe vietphái nam war instead

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Cookie.Monster Jul 13 2009

yeh but then where would the japs fit in?

Reply Good karma0 votes
razrkillr Jul 13 2009

You might now need lớn keep them but i donno.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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