Pci Data Acquisition And Signal Processing Controller Drivers Download For Windows 10, 8

This article describes various troubleshooting steps and solutions to lớn PCI Data Acquisition & Signal Processing Controller errors in Device Manager.

Summary: This article describes various troubleshooting steps và solutions to lớn PCI Data Acquisition và Signal Processing Controller errors in Device Manager.See less This article describes various troubleshooting steps and solutions lớn PCI Data Acquisition & Signal Processing Controller errors in Device Manager.

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PCI Data Acquisition và Signal Processing Controller Errors in Device Manager

Users may encounter an error for the PCI Data Acquisition và Signal Processing Controller in the Device Manager for some my-huawei.com systems.

The solution varies based on the Hardware ID of the error, but in each instance, a software update resolves the issue. These software updates are often Chipset, Serial I/O or similar drivers. Most are standalone drivers that can be downloaded & installed directly. Below are the three most common solutions for resolving this error.

Legacy and/or missing drivers.
Specific System Solutions

The following Latitude systems may experience this error:

General System Solutions

For systems experiencing this error (other than the Latitudes listed above), you will need khổng lồ discover the Hardware ID (aka Device ID) of the device generating the error lớn determine the correct driver lớn install. The Hardware ID for a device in Windows can be found in Device Manager.

to lớn discover the Hardware ID for a device, follow these steps: open Device Manager from the Control Panel. You can also type "devmgmt.msc" at the Run option in the Start Menu, or by right-clicking the Start button và selecting Device Manager from the list. In the Device Manager, right-click the affected device, & select Properties in the popup menu. Select the Details tab. Select Hardware Ids in the dropdown list. Save the Vendor & Device IDs. Note:
Hardware IDs, also known as Device IDs, are displayed in this format: VEN_8086 DEV_591B. A Hardware ID is comprised of two parts, the Vendor ID (VEN) và the Device ID (DEV). In this example, the Vendor ID is 8086 (Intel) và the Device is 591B (HD Graphics 630). TheMicrosoft Update Catalog can be used to search the Hardware ID for a device lớn find its missing driver(s). Note: To tìm kiếm for a missing driver using a Hardware ID resource lượt thích Microsoft Update Catalog, use only the IDs after the underscore (ie 8086 & 591B, not VEN_8086 và DEV_591B) as search terms.

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Note: If the Microsoft Update Catalog fails lớn load in Chrome, try Microsoft Edge Browser instead. Once the appropriate driver is identified, downloaded and installed, restart the system.


Specific Hardware ID Error: VEN_8086&DEV_9A0D

The PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller may report an unknown device with the Hardware ID VEN_8086 DEV_9A0D. This Hardware ID is for the hãng sản xuất intel Telemetry Aggregator.

Note: Searching 9A0D on common driver update resources such as Microsoft Update Catalog, PCIDatabase, PCILookup etc, may not return any results at the time of writing. The Telemetry Aggregator is a new feature of the 11th generation TigerLake hãng sản xuất intel CPU. Windows 10 natively supports this feature after version 1909 (19H1). Earlier versions of Windows 10 will produce this error until the Telemetry Aggregator driver is installed. These combinations will generate this error: 11th ren Intel TigerLake CPU: i3-1115G4 i5-1135G7 i7-1165G7 Running Windows 10 Versions: 1809 & older OS This error is expected with the above combinations, but the error does not negatively impact the performance or stability of the system. Lớn eliminate the error in Device Manager by installing the Telemetry Aggregator driver, update Windows to the latest version (or at minimum, version 19H1). There is no standalone Telemetry Aggregator driver at this time.

Additional information can be found at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/design/minimum/windows-processor-requirement

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