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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Gameloft SE
Unlimited Money
August 6, 2021(5 months ago)

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour (MOD, Unlimited Money) features a series of FPS action missions to discover a terrifying plot through various locations and immersive perspectives.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the #1 FPS action game in the world. This is the fourth version of the famous Modern Combat shooter series of Gameloft. Connectable, this is a great fantasy action shooter for players. Because of the attractive features and dramatic level that it gives, the player is handsome. With the shooting series, manufacturer Gameloft has opened a new chapter on action games for mobile devices. This 4th version promises to bring you extreme “already” experiences throughout the game. Wait and find out how amazing it is through this article!



The context of Modern Combat 4 is taken from a war on nuclear energy – the cause of the human disaster and threaten the existence of the whole planet on Earth. When participating in the game, players will be joined by some elite soldiers, participating in the campaign to wipe out enemy forces. Together your teammates perform the noble task of that campaign to save the world from history’s worst terrorist plot.

Coming to this game, players not only experience the feeling of shooting in the first person. More importantly, you feel like you are enjoying a fantasy action movie or a Hollywood blockbuster. You will have to perform different quests that the game offers. You not only aim to destroy the target but also get involved in a fierce battle, where there are countless armored cars, planes, tanks, … requiring you to have a high concentration, a strong mind to win the battle.



Your essential task in this game is to prevent nuclear war, protect the peaceful life of humankind. That is the huge overarching mission, also the goal towards the game. In order to destroy the enemy and complete specific missions, the condition is that you must have Blue Credit. That item is a prevalent virtual currency in the game, and you can earn this money through single-player quests. At the end of each mission, depending on the achievements you achieved, you will be given the amount corresponding to the level of completion.

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What is this money used for? You will use it to purchase the plug-ins, upgrade packs, and equipment in the Military Shop store. To access the shop, you need to lightly touch the icon on the screen, wherever you are when you need it! Besides, you also need to make another currency, Gold Credit – this is the most advanced currency in the game. You can use it to buy anytime you need by pressing the “plus” icon on the menu bar of the Pause screen!



To destroy your enemies, you need an epic arsenal of weapons; Therefore, you need to equip the character’s weapon. To get more weapons in the current arsenal, you need to access the main menu in Multiplayer mode and select the Armory card. Then, select the primary weapon and switch to the selection screen. After selecting the required weapon, click Customize and select Done to finish! Besides, to secretly destroy the enemy, you move behind the enemy, select Fire when the enemy approaches. This helps the bullets turn into knives and take down enemies instantly in silence.

If you need military support, then you have to perform a series of missions in a row. In particular, each type of support requires at least 3-6 times. Besides, to create a squad tag, you access the HQ card in the Multiplayer section, select Signature & Clan, choose Edit Clan and enter the tag you want.



First, the game impresses players with their unique storyline. You can choose one of two factions: good or evil, including the Edward Page force. You are fighting everywhere in the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona. Second, the graphics and sound are of high quality. Vivid and realistic image motifs; mixed with impressive, creepy sound mixed with movie-like character voices, helping you feel the chaos like a real war.

Third, Multiplayer mode is desirable, with a unique shooting style and improved weapons with more than 20,000 combinations. All create diversity for the game. The new scoring game mode helps players compete on the leaderboards, making the game more dramatic than ever. Besides, the game contains IAP packages to buy items, virtual money with real money that you can choose from! Wishing you comfortable entertainment with Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour!

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