How to get old versions of macos

macOS High Sierra 10.13, macOS Mojave 10.14, macOS Catalimãng cầu 10.15 & macOS 11 Big Sur driver install process

Modern macOS iterations include a security feature that requires user approval before newly installed third-buổi tiệc nhỏ drivers can be loaded by the operating system.

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This security feature is present on macOS High Sierra 10.13, macOS Mojave sầu 10.14, macOS Catalimãng cầu 10.15macOS 11 Big Sur, & without allowing these - your compatible hardware will notwork with DJ software on your computer.

You may see aFailed to connect: Audioerror message in Serakhổng lồ software, and/or you may not be able lớn route audio through your hardware, or control various software features with your device.

NOTE: This doesn"t affect drivers that were already installed before updating to lớn Mojave sầu, Catalimãng cầu, or Big Sur.

Allowing third-các buổi party extensions

When installing drivers for your hardware on macOS, a pop-up similar to the screenshot below will appear, often after the driver indicates it has been installed successfully.

When you see the System Extension Blocked error message (as in the image below), please clichồng Ok.


You will then need lớn allow the driver to be used by your macOS system, by following the steps below. You must complete these steps within 30 minutes, otherwise, you will need to restart the process by reinstalling the driver:

mở cửa System Preferences > Security và Privacy
You will see a message: System software from developer "XYZ" was blocked from loading at this point, cliông xã Allow:
NOTE: You may need to lớn cliông xã the Lochồng symbol in the bottom left corner of your Security và Privacy menu lớn make this change.

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Help, I installed the driver but it still won"t connect lớn Seralớn DJ software

It"s possible a step above was not implemented correctly. Confirm the driver has user consent on your computer, to lớn be utilized by macOS (& by proxy, Seralớn DJ software), by navigating to:Apple → About this mac → System report → Software→ Disabled software


In the example above sầu, the DJM-900NXS2, DJM-S9, DDJ-SZ, and SIXTY-TWO device drivers have sầu not been correctly consented khổng lồ by the user, during the driver installation process.

To resolve sầu this issue, uninstall the drivers listed under Disabled software, & reinstall them using the latest version from your device manufacturer. Then follow steps 1-3 above sầu again, during the installation process.

Feel miễn phí to kiểm tra underDisabled software after repeating the process, for the absence of your listed device, lớn confirm its installation was consented khổng lồ correctly.

Help, I see aSystem extension cannot be used error message

When installing drivers for your Seralớn DJ hardware on affected macOS systems, it"s only possible to allow the system extension in the 30 minutes following the driver installation.

If you have not enabled the system extension in your Security & Privacy settings within the designated timeframe you will see a System extension cannot be used error message as per the screenshot below:

Please start a new driver installation to reset this timer, then complete steps 1-3 above.

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If you continue to lớn have trouble after running through the above sầu steps, please contact our team by submitting a help request, here.

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