Some users reported receiving an error message that said, “iTunes could not connect to because an invalid response was received from the device.” This message appeared when the users tried to lớn connect their iOS device khổng lồ their computer. Some have even mentioned that iTunes will freeze while it is syncing the iOS and computer.

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If you have sầu come across this problem, here is some information on how khổng lồ fix it.


When the Error Occurs


The main reason why this error happens is because the USB communication with your iOS device has been broken. This could be because the cord is old or something needs khổng lồ be updated.

This might also happen if you have recently gotten a new Apple device và are trying khổng lồ sync it with your iTunes.

Try Different Cables, Ports, or Devices

I suggest this as the first thing you should try because it is the simplest way to lớn fix the problem, as well as the fact it can be a common problem for older cables or devices.

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Here is what you should try:

Use a different USB cableTry a different USB port on your computerSee if the error still appears on a different computerCthất bại out of iTunes completely and try againMake sure your device is unlocked while it is connected lớn your computerIt could be a third-buổi tiệc ngọt security program making this error pop up; update or temporarily disable your security software

Cheông xã Time/Date Settings


This is important as it can throw your computer or device out of sync if it is not, which would cause this error khổng lồ occur. Here’s what you do:

On your iPhone or iPad date/time settings by going lớn Settings, selecting General, then turn Date và Time lớn “Set Automatically”

On a Mac, check that the time/date settings are right; they can be changed by going lớn System Preferences then Time và Date

On a PC, check the time/date settings lớn see if they are right; this can be changed by right-clicking your date/time on the taskbar và adjusting the settings

Restart Devices or Remix Settings

Another pretty simple fix, you can try restarting your devices or the iTunes application. This can just be frustrating if your device has updates khổng lồ install during the update or if it takes a while lớn restart fully. It’s also frustrating when it deletes your information.

This might, in this case, be the last section of tips you should try.

Here are the things you should try if replacing the cables & such didn’t work:

Restart the iOS device you are trying to useRestart the computerRestart the routerRemix the network settings on your iPhone or iPad; go to lớn Settings, select General, then Reset to access Remix Network Settings; this will remove sầu your Wi-Fi passwords

If you aren’t sure how to lớn force your Apple device to restart:

Most Apple devices: hold down the sleep/wake and home button until you see the Apple logoiPhone 7: hold down the sleep/wake & volume down buttons until you see the Apple logo

Update Devices và iTunes

While most of these fixes are incredibly simple, it can take some time for an application or device khổng lồ update fully, making this potentially the most time-consuming step if you are a few updates behind. Here is how you update each device or application.

To update iTunes:

On macOS: Select Menu, cliông chồng on iTunes, then cliông chồng Cheông xã for UpdatesOn Windows: Select Menu, clichồng on Help, then clichồng Check for Updates

To update the computer:

On macOS: Go to Mac App Store, select Updates; see if you have the lachạy thử version installed

To update your Apple device:

Go lớn Settings, select General, then select Software UpdateMake sure lachạy thử iOS version is installed

If none of these tricks work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes again, although it may not have sầu all of your settings and data if you wipe all of the iTunes data on accident, so be careful.


Hopefully this will help you resolve sầu the issues you are having with iTunes. If you run inlớn other issues later, make sure to lớn check on the iTunes tư vấn pages and see if you can find an answer lớn your problem.