How To Use Acestream Android?

Browser`s plugin/script/locks: ACE Player / AS Magic Player, type: Malware -> banners, clickunders, teasers & advertising redirects

◦ Affiliated domains/IP <12>:,,,,,,,,,, …


Content Security Policy blocks Urls like, in the script-src directive, see example script code with (follow the links with the referrer). Also, this domain has Url - login to lớn webmail.

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The whole "family" of domains,,,,,,,,,, is located on the IP addresses of the same hosting provider:,,, Domains have to lớn be changed periodically, since they regularly appear on the block lists of antiviruses và ad blockers.

It looks lượt thích & associated domains with it are used by Ace Stream Magic Player - for Chrome (see ACE Player và or AS Magic Player extension.

Url replies with "no campaign" , but Url returns JS with the hotline

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which loads another JS from

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It is noteworthy that simultaneously with the domain, other script calls from the same IP address are blocked from the:,


They are obviously used by the same plugin. The use of the domain in conjunction with the Counterflix plugin was observed once:


Judging by the code of the script with, an advertisement và advertising redirects are inserted on the visited pages.

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