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Clean registry & junk files from your PCs. Protect your privacy và make your PCs more secure. Provide a better option for optimizing and accelerating your computer!

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Protect Your System in Real Time

Take prompt action once some applications attempt khổng lồ make modification without your permission. This protector will identify and stop any processes that try khổng lồ secretly change Windows registry. Prevent programs from changing your Internet Explorer homepage Prevent any unwanted new application from adding inkhổng lồ the Windows startup Prevent new applications adding to the Windows context thực đơn Prevent changes to lớn the default browser

A Comprehensive sầu PC Cleaner Improved

Wise Care 365 is definitely the preferred option for billions of Windows users who want khổng lồ keep their Windows PC at peak performance. Speed up a slow computer & không tính phí up more valuable hard disk space in seconds. Remove invalid Windows registry entries, easily back up and restore Windows registry. Clean Windows temporary files, clean browsers caches (IE, Edge - including legacy version & the chromium-based version, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.), download history, browsing history, Cookies, passwords. Wise Care 365 can also clean invalid shortcuts, recent use traces, useless files created by other applications. Scan whole system khổng lồ clean files with specific extensions.

World’s Fasthử nghiệm System Optimization Tool

Wise Care 365 adopts world’s top technology. It optimizes PC"s performance, defrags disks and the Windows registry, and manages the startup process as well as services. Over time, your computer’s hard disk drive sầu và registry will become cluttered. Wise Care 365 can defrag the drive sầu và registry to make them organized, thus making your computer run faster & more stable. You are going to be amazed by its blazing defrag speed. Many programs run silently in the background when you start up your computer. Wise Care 365 helps you disable unneeded programs that consume your precious system resources & improves PC startup speed.

Your Ultimate Computer Privacy Protector

Wise Care 365 protects your computer privacy from prying eyes. Privacy Eraser erases all traces of any computer operation lượt thích browsing history & accessed files, so any computer operation you vì stays confidential. Disk Eraser prevents deleted data from being retrieved by third parties. Disk Shredder can delete files thoroughly so that they can never be recovered.

A Powerful System và Hardware Monitoring Utility

System Monitor displays all the essential information of your computer. Process Monitor gives users a clear and neat các mục of all the processes run by user and system, users can shut down any process they don’t need lớn make the PC run more smoothly. Hardware Overview offers users both brief và detailed information of all the crucial hardware components, letting users know about their computers at a glance. Operating system is a newly added tab that displays a summary of Windows system, such as Windows hàng hóa key, specifications (edition, version, installation date, build), date format, etc.

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