How to find sql server product key

When you install SQL Server, you would be prompted to lớn enter a sản phẩm key lớn install the correct Edition of Squốc lộ Server (2016, Enterprise, Standard, etc.). You will not find the sản phẩm key either on MSDoanh Nghiệp or the Microsoft Volume Licensing site. In most cases, the sản phẩm key is instead embedded in the MSI (Microsoft Installer) cài đặt program. If you want to move sầu from an Evaluation Edition khổng lồ a full-blown Squốc lộ Server, then you need lớn extract the sản phẩm key from your purchased version of Squốc lộ Server. In this post, I am going khổng lồ talk about exactly how to find Squốc lộ Server Product key under different scenargame ios.

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How to lớn Find Squốc lộ Server Product Key

Scenario 1: Upgrading from SQL Server Evaluation Edition to lớn a Paid Installation

When you are trying khổng lồ upgrade an existing SQL Server Evaluation Edition khổng lồ an Enterprise or Standard Edition using the in-place upgrade method, you would ideally need lớn use the “Edition Upgrade” option from the SQL Server Maintenance Menu.


Ideally, the “Product Key” page populates with the correct product key. However, in a lot of cases, you would see the “Product Key” section is blank, and that is where you need to find out exactly how và where lớn retrieve sầu the sản phẩm key. The solution lớn this is pretty simple. Follow the steps below:

Exit the Edition Upgrade Setup completely.Run a regular Setup using the new truyền thông (Paid Version Downloaded from Microsoft Download Center or Volume Licensing website).Proceed with the “Setup Support Rules” and “Installation Type.” Once you are on the “Product Key” page, copy the sản phẩm key on a notepad or somewhere secure for later usage.

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In some cases, you might see a blank hàng hóa key using this method also. In that case, Perform the same steps on a different PC or on a Virtual Machine.

Scenario: 2 When SQL Server is already installed

In this method, you can use Power Shell lớn kiểm tra the Product keys on both local and remote Squốc lộ Server. Go khổng lồ this location and download the Power Shell script & run it on your environment lớn find out the product key.

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