Harman kardon soundsticks iii 2

The SoundSticks III are a 3-piece, 2.1 speaker system comprising a pair of satellites and a subwoofer. The dual 10-watt satellite speakers feature a transparent plastic enclosure that showcases four mid-range drivers in each unit. They can be positioned at an angle for the best possible sound and feature capacitive sầu buttons for volume control.


Reviewers Liked

Four drivers in each satellite & a large subwoofer to lớn pump extra bassExcellent audio performanceUnique - and now classic - designPowerfulImproved cable quality

Reviewers Didn"t Like

No external jaông chồng for plugging in headphonesThe bass controls are mounted on the subwoofer itselfNo remote controlSemi-hardwired cables - if cables fail, system needs lớn be repaired or replaced
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By cneton September 10, 201177The $170 SoundSticks III speakers offer light cosmetic upgrades (and unfortunately retain a few irritations) from the previous mã sản phẩm, but if you"re a fan of the iridescent design, this speaker system won"t...

By Bit-tech.neton January 19, 201170

When PCs evolved from office workstations into entertainment centres, they turned from beige boxes inlớn minor works of art. PC speaker designs are rarely as engaging, but one exception is the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III mix. This...

By ExtremeTechon November 16, 201090

The included hardwired cables, which connect the two 10-by-2-inch circular speakers khổng lồ each other & lớn the 10.2-by-9.2-inch subwoofer, are much hardier & better looking this time around—a shiny, braided cable is snaked through a transparent...

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By PCMagon November 16, 201090

The Harman Kardon SoundSticks III is mainly a cosmetic upgrade of previous models, và a subtle one at that, but this 2.1-channel PC speaker mix remains our Editors" Choice.

By CIOLon March 09, 2011

The Sound stichồng series of speakers are known for their stunning looks. After the Sound sticks II last year, the sound sticks III this year have kept the tradition going svào. As a three-piece, 2.1-channel multitruyền thông media sound system, SoundSticks III...

By CNET.deon November 04, 201177

Der Harman Kardon SoundSticks III bietet lặng Vergleich zum Vorgänger leichte kosmetisbịt Verbesserungene, behält aber auch einige Minuspunkte bei. Wer aber das schillernde Design über alles andere stellt, wird von dem auch klanglich guten...

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By Mac Lifeon April 01, 2011100

Selten sahen Computer-Lautsprecher so ungewöhnlich aus. Die eigentliche Stärke des Harman-Kardon-Systems ist aber nicht das ausgefallene Design, sondern der raumfüllende, glasklare Klang. Empfehlung!...

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