Download ghost windows 10 ltsb 1607 2021

Windows 10 LTSB is a stripped-down version of Windows released by Microsoft in 2016, which removed all unnecessary components khổng lồ provide the most stable lightweight version of Windows 10 LTSB năm 2016.

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Ghost Win 10 LTSB 1607 Very suitable for computers that require high stability, or computers with low hardware configuration. Today I will introduce khổng lồ everyone the best new full version called Ghost Win 10 LTSB 1607 Full Soft v1.0 under Windows 10 Enterprise năm nhâm thìn LTSB super light.

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1. Information Ghost Win 10 LTSB 1607 Full Soft v1.0

Made from genuine Microsoft Windows 10 1607 14393 installer càiThe Ghost Win version has been installed, optimized, tweaked, . multi-configuredSuitable for: Office, Gamer, Design, Graphics, Students, …Integrate some important software tools in the folder C:21AK22All the most popular application software is pre-installed on the computer.

2. Image of Ghost Win 10 LTSB 1607 Full Soft v1.0


Ghost Win 10 LTSB"s desktop interface


Some basic information of Ghost Win 10 LTSB 1607


List of pre-installed tool application software

3. Link to download Ghost Win 10 LTSB 1607 Full Soft v1.0

Prioritize using Ghost ISO Windows version because of its light capacity, less error when extracting Ghost !

– Standard Legacy MBR . hard drive

VERSION 32 BITDownload Win-10-LTSB-1607-FS-32-LECAGY-v10.GOODSHA1: 14968F0F12FCE3C20D2BA895365F3DD2A72C8149VERSION 64 BITDownload Win-10-LTSB-1607-FS-64-LECAGY-v10.GOODSHA1: 8369EE6844322B5A68173FCC2D7DF29E0DF1EA3B

– UEFI standard GPT . hard drive

VERSION 64 BITDownload Win-10-LTSB-1607-FS-64-UEFI-v10.TIBSHA1: 396555D4D191BCB8ED22AED6A4FBED0142BC2DD4

– Ghost ISO Windows (Legacy + UEFI)

VERSION 32 BITDownload Win-10-LTSB-1607-FS-32-v10.ISOSHA1: 66132FB00F4E8EF2D825FEFCE4755B706F7AA417VERSION 64 BITDownload Win-10-LTSB-1607-FS-64-v10.ISOSHA1: 2A29DEF003027F7FE9D0B7D76AF04AC47085AF09

4. What to lớn vị after Ghost is successful?

Depending on the Ghost version, there are different jobs, with this Ghost version.

Update Windows UpdateActivate Windows/Office licenseUpdate the latest discrete thẻ driver (if any)