Installing arm android apps on genymotion devices

Like Bluestacks App Player Genymotion is yet another very popular và stable apk emulator that provides users with a Virtual environment so as to lớn emulate apk apps or app android games on their Windows Desktop PC’s or laptops smoothly. Genymotion is basically a virtual game android environment built on x86 và Virtualbox platsize. Genymotion has a plethora of distinguishing features much more than any other apk emulator and that too with an amazing tư vấn staff that really works in sync with you so as khổng lồ assist in you the best possible manner. Download Genymotion ARM Translation v1.1 from here.

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You can now make better apps with Genymotion as currently Genymotion has over 3000 app android configuration settings. Genymotion makes it easy for both the developers and over users to emulate Android devices i.e. Smartphones, Tablets with ease. Unlượt thích Bluestacks App Player Genymotion is available in two different versions – FREE & PREMIUM. Premium version comes with lots of added features & functionalities as compared to the FREE version & therefore can be used by advanced developers (not recommened for over users).

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Genymotion ARM Translation Download – Genymotion has now become very popular especially aao ước the app android phầm mềm developers as it allows them lớn kiểm tra their phầm mềm directly on their system. Overall Genymotion is an amazing emulator except for one drawback that is it doesn’t have sầu Google Services like Google Play Store, Google Maps or other Google services thereby causing difficulty for developers khổng lồ test their apps that makes use of Google Services. Therefore here today I am going to nội dung How khổng lồ access Google Play services on Genymotion by downloading and installing Genymotion ARM Translation v1.1 zip.

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How lớn Download and Install Genymotion ARM Translation v1.1 zip – Steps khổng lồ Follow

In order to lớn overcome this drawback they came with CyanogenMod’s gapps! but that was not enough since Genymotion ROM is compiled in x86 instruction sets lớn get in sync with the lademo CPU architecture’s whereas CyanogenMod’s gapps! is compiled in ARM architecture. Therefore this restricts from installing CyanogenMod’s gapps! directly và if it is installed users start facing the below given errors and therefore khổng lồ get rid of these frustrating errors users need to install Genymotion ARM Translator on their Genymotion android emulator.

“INSTALL_FAILED_CPU_ABI_INCOMPATIBLE (An error occured while deploying the file)”


“WARNING: linker: has text relocations. This is wasting memory and is a security risk. Please fix.”


Steps to lớn Install Genymotion ARM Translation v1.1 – Read BelowFirst of all you need to Download Genymotion ARM Translation v1.1 zip file which you can tải về it from here – Cliông xã here khổng lồ Download Genymotion ARM Translator v1.1
After downloading the tệp tin open Genymotion on your system & just drag & drop the file that you have sầu downloaded above lớn the Genymotion trang chính screen & then you will see a ARM Translation flash message -> Just Cliông xã on OK


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