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Gangstar Vegas is an open world-action adventure game released for mobile devices và is the sixth installment in the Gangster series. The game has 80 missions & a story mode which will see you team up with a vast assortment of crazy characters as you try to take over Las Vegas. This will also involve climbing the leaderboards in wild challenges that include Carnage missions, races, casino games và MMA fights. Our Gangstar Vegas Cheats và Tips for iPhone will help you in many of these features.

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Gangstar Vegas Cheats and Tips

Listed below are a collection of cheats and tips that explain why you should always try to lớn buy the best weapons và look to lớn pick up medkits whenever possible.

Only Upgrade the Skills you NeedOnly tăng cấp the skills that will actually benefit you, the most important of which are your health as you will require a lot of it, your damage, & rate of fire of your weapons.

Always Piông chồng Up MedkitsIn Gangstar Vegas you can go lớn the siêu thị via the Map screen, & buy all the med-kits, weapons, ammo, and armour you need. Make sure you always have sầu a stash of med-kits available as doing so will help you complete the missions.

Use Fast Travel to lớn Save TimeYou can save a lot of time driving around in Gangster Vegas on iPhone by using the fast travel feature. All you need to vị to instantly start a mission is go to lớn the Map screen, tap on the mission icon, then hit "Begin".

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Fast Travel

Buy the Best WeaponsTry khổng lồ purchase a decent weapon as early as possible instead of waiting lớn come across one as having a good weapon like an assault rifle will make the missions much easier than having khổng lồ rely on pistols và uzis. Also, it will mean you can focus your skills on the higher-class weaponry rather than ones that you won"t be using for long lượt thích handguns.

Run và ShootYou will have sầu more success in Gangstar Vegas on iPhone if you adopt the run & shoot mechanic rather than taking cover. There will be instances where it will be more benefical khổng lồ take cover but more often than not you will be able lớn ace missions by doing the run và shoot - firing at an enemy, then run before their bullets hit you.

How to lớn Earn MoneyA valuable resource for Gangstar Vegas on iPhone is money và there are lots of different ways in which you can earn it. Cheông xã out our How khổng lồ Earn Money page to find out about one of those ways.

How khổng lồ get Free DiamondsThe premium currency in Gangstar Vegas for iOS is Diamonds. You will be able to lớn get this precious resource for không lấy phí a number of ways. Check out our Free Diamonds page to lớn find out what they are.

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trò chơi Guide

Check out our Gangster Vegas Guide lớn get help on all the missions in the chiến dịch, diversions, & how lớn get additional money from the properties.

If you are playing Gangstar Vegas on iPhone & have sầu a question about the game, check out our Ganstar Vegas Questions and Answers

More Gangstar Vegas Cheats và Tips

We have 3 cheats and tips on iPhone. If you have any cheats or tips for Gangstar Vegas please skết thúc them in here. We also have sầu cheats for this game on : Android

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