Gahkthun of the golden lightning steam edition

Gahkphông thun of the Golden Lightning – PC Review – by BoxCatHeroGenre: Adventure Visual NovelDeveloper: Liar-softPublisher: MangaGamerRelease Date: Apr 15, 2016

Gahkphông thun of the Golden Lightning is a Visual Novel, or đất nước hình chữ S for short, from the developers at Liar-soft và published by MangaGamer. There is absolutely no difference in the versions on steam & MangaGamer other than the one on steam having Steam Edition in the title. Before you read any further, I must bít tất tay that there is nudity in the game. It is not prevalent, but there is some in there. With that being said, let’s immediately dig right into lớn the story of the story so lớn speak.

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It is set, timewise, in an 1800’s France steampunk themed alternate reality. The story takes primarily in Academia, a student governed city in the Bay of Marseille. You begin with following the life of Neon Scalar Smilja in her third week of class. However, she has a secret she desperately ties to keep from the friends she has made. That is the fact she is a secondary student. What is a secondary student you ask? They are illegal students, bought & payed for & brought lớn Academia by their masters. With forged paperwork, they are admitted as students & forced lớn work in the Dropout District.


That is her life until one night her owner tells her the Governing Council requests her, and she is no longer working there. He attempts take take some compensation from her, then she blacks out & experiences what she thinks is a dark dream. When she wakes, she realises she is not in her room and can’t really rethành viên the events of the previous night clearly. She realizes someone is standing there, and he tells her that he had bought her for thirty silver coins. She is now his body and soul, & his name is Nikola Tesla.


He announces to her that she is now longer a secondary student & is his assistant in the Speculative sầu Detective sầu Club. Thus begins her new life with him and the war he wages against the Governing Council. I purposely left out some key story elements there so as lớn not ruin anything major. However, those are some small key events in the first chapter of the game. On to important matters such as how are choices made? What are their effect on the story?


Simply put, the choices in a chapter vày have sầu some small effect in the game, as it unlocks bonus scenes at the kết thúc of the chapter if you choose correctly. The choices themselves are presented as exercises for the reader & are timed. Looking at them, they also seem like a fairytale story, or someone’s memories. Each decision is timed, and if you fail lớn choose in time, world intervention happens. World intervention essentially lets you continue the game as though you made the right choice, but without the bonus effects.

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Let’s talk about the quality controls UI that is present in the bottom right of the screen. It is represented by two gears. The top one has your skip, autoplay, etc. actions. The bottom one has all of the save options in it.

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Moving onlớn the audio/visual of the game. The artwork for the game is absolutely amazing, và the character designs are on point for the theme. That being, said this brings me khổng lồ what sold me on the game the most. The music is just fabulous. I can honestly say I would buy the OST for the nước ta if there was one. It truly gives you the feel of being in that time. I often stopped playing the game lớn just listen to the music that was playing. That never happens to lớn me! So that goes khổng lồ show you how wonderful the music is. It is completely instrumental, except for the opening which has lyrics. That brings me to lớn a good point. You have full access khổng lồ all the music via the extra menu on the main menu. Also on the main thực đơn is the encyclopedia for the game, which contains information on the world of the game.


So let’s recap shall we. The game has an amazing 1800’s steampunk theme that it follows through with amazingly. The music fits the theme for the game absolutely perfectly for me. The character designs look the part of the theme, as does the environment. It has a chất lượng game controls UI that fits the theme. However, there is only two things I would change about the game. They are: the colon after the name of who is speaking, because for me sometimes it was hard khổng lồ tell if someone was saying their name or them saying something. And the other thing was not being able to lớn save sầu at choices. Both are relatively minor things that personally bugged me.

BoxcatHero gives Gahkphông of the Golden Lightning a Drastik Measure of 9 out of 10 (90).


1800’s Steampunk SettingAmazing artwork that fits themeMusic I would buy the OST of


Sometimes hard lớn tell who is speaking or if someone saying their nameCan’t save during choices

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