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Tokyo, October 21, 2013 today announced that the new ARROWS NX F-01F docomo điện thoại thông minh will be available in Japan as of October 24, 2013 from NTT DOCOMO, Inc. 

To address the challenge of short battery life—which is of the greatest concern for smartphone users—ARROWS NX F01-F is equipped with a next-generation WhiteMagic™ energy saving display and a high-capathành phố 3,200 mAh battery, in addition to various energy saving capabilities thanks khổng lồ"s Human Centric Engine. As a result, the device is capable of over three days of battery life on a single charge(1).

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In aiming khổng lồ develop a điện thoại thông minh that serves lớn tư vấn users in their daily lives, ARROWS NX features a simple, stylish kiến thiết that fits comfortably into the user"s hvà. The handmix also comes equipped with a quichồng response touchscreen, reassuring security features including a smart fingerprint sensor, & a high-resolution 13.1 megapx camera that allows anytoàn thân to lớn easily take beautiful photographs.

The result is a next-generation "made-in-Japan" điện thoại thông minh that delivers the ultimate in ease of use and comfort to a wide spectrum of customers.

As điện thoại thông minh devices today mostly feature similar specs and functions, customers are increasingly looking for phones that are it easier & more comfortable khổng lồ use. To deliver a stress-không tính phí, enjoyable điện thoại thông minh user experience, has enhanced its Human Centric Engine và developed a điện thoại thông minh that brings together over three days of battery life, an easy-to-operate touchscreen, responsive communication và GPS capabilities, và easy-to-view & easy-to-hear công nghệ. With a focus on the interface components that provide added value when using a smartphone, ARROWS NX is a smartphone that users can employ for extended periods of time with peace of mind.



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Standby và Usage Time

Standby and Usage Time
Continuous Standby Time(2)3G: approx. 850 hours / LTE: approx. 670 hours / GSM: approx. 670 hours(3)
Continuous Talk Time(4)3G: approx. 780 minutes / GSM: approx. 780 minutes
Actual Usage Timeapprox. 97.1 hours(5)
Charging Timeapprox. 190 minutes(6)

Product Features

WhiteMagic™ display enabling the same brightness with longer battery life

With a WhiteMagic™ display, which adds trắng pixels lớn the screen"s existing RGB pixels, the phone"s display consumes up to 45% less power compared to previous ARROWS smartphones that didn"t employ the công nghệ. Although power consumption has been improved, the display provides the same amount of brightness as before.

With conventional LCD technology, energy saving is performed by reducing screen rewrites when the display is in standby mode. In situations with frequent screen changes, lượt thích when viewing videos, browsing the internet, & playing games—scenarquả táo that are comtháng on a smartphone—this approach has a negligible impact. WhiteMagic™ display technology reduces power consumption not only when in standby mode, but also when viewing đoạn phim content or using a web browser. In addition, the smartphone"s 5-inch HD display boasts 800cd of luminance, aước ao the top of its class of smartphones, making it vivid and easy to lớn read when browsing the mạng internet, reading e-mail & other documents, and viewing photographs and 1-seg broadcasts, even under direct sunlight.

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High-capađô thị 3,200 mAh battery & "NX!eco" app

The handphối comes equipped with a 3,200 mAh battery, among the largest of its class of smartphones. Furthermore, has updated the included NX!eco application, which can integrate and configure separate power-saving settings. This enables fine-tuned power-saving settings depending on the user"s personal usage style, such as the ability lớn enter into lớn eco mode at specified battery levels or timeframes.

Human Centric Engine

The new smartphone comes with an updated version of the Human Centric Engine, which delivers optimal usability through cutting-edge sensing giải pháp công nghệ. The new engine provides comprehensive sầu support for reducing power consumption by optimizing the number of CPU cores và cloông xã speed employed by the phone while ensuring adequate performance for frequently used applications. In addition, the phone adjusts the responsiveness of the touchscreen for each window, thereby enabling real-time power savings. It also reduces power consumption by automatically detecting whether the user is in transit in order lớn efficiently scan for Wi-Fi access points.

Intelligent camera with high-tốc độ autofocus that can capture the perfect moment with breathtaking quality

The smartphone employs"s high-performance "GRANVU" image processing engine, which allows users khổng lồ capture photographs that are more vivid than ever. F-01F includes photography features such as Quichồng Focus, which accelerates the tốc độ of autofocus. The tốc độ of the autofocus increases based on the position of the person you are trying khổng lồ shoot và the angle of the smartphone, making it easy to lớn rapidly capture photographs that look just as you want them to lớn. The phone"s Intelligent Flash is significantly brighter than before, enabling naturally bright photos to be captured even in dark locations. has made it easy for anybody lớn use the camera thanks khổng lồ its simple operations. Users can capture their favorite shot on the phone"s easy-to-use, reliable camera, all with a simple press of the shutter button.

Smart fingerprint sensor has advanced the development of its unique smart fingerprint sensor technology—which delivers enhanced security lớn guard user privacy and eliminate the hassle of inputting a pattern or password—in order lớn accommodate the specific features of each of the models it is incorporated inlớn, such as models with water resistance & ultra-thin models. On the F-01F, the fingerprint sensor features a stylish curved và colored thiết kế, và it has been updated khổng lồ further tốc độ up the time between when the phone is unlocked and when it turns on, enabling even greater ease of use.

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High-spec capabilities

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