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Download Now (4.74MB) Uploading images is lớn Net newbies what parallel parking is to lớn new drivers: it takes a lot of trial and error lớn get it right.

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And Megabyte-size snapshots hog Facebook bandwidth. Fileminimizer Pictures 3 from Balesio is a không tính phí tool that promises lớn help solve both issues. It resizes image files by up to lớn 98 percent without zipping & without sacrificing quality. Its Facebook Uploader Module also makes it easy to lớn post your pictures on Facebook. Fileminimizer's interface is businesslike but attractive, with subtle but effective use of color and highlighting to differentiate the various icons & controls. Most users should have no trouble getting started, beginning with the descriptive control icons: xuất hiện Files, Optimize Files, Pack và Go, and tìm kiếm Files. If you get stuck, the Web-based Help tệp tin answers most common questions. We started by adding a 1MB image & selecting Standard Compression. Fileminimizer quickly resized the file to .11 MB, an impressive 87.8 percent reduction. The new image appeared smaller than the old one but still very large and, most important, equal in quality. The Upload khổng lồ Facebook option was just as straightforward, triggering a series of log-in và permission pop-ups that let us easily post the image to lớn our page. There's also an option lớn stay logged in to lớn Fileminimizer. The Web/E-Mail Compression màn chơi reduced file kích thước even more lớn .05 MB. We could click to thư điện tử or delete any file in the queue, too. Fileminimizer also worked well with batches of images. Using the Low/Print Compression option and The Pack và Go button, which automatically selects all images in a folder, it was just as easy khổng lồ handle multiple images as it was a single image. Fileminimizer Pictures 3 proved an easy và effective tool for resizing, posting, and sending images, but its special emphasis on uploading images lớn Facebook makes it particularly valuable. It's free, too, which makes it perfect for recommending to lớn folks who need a little help with images. download Now Publisher's mô tả tìm kiếm Now you can upload & share your oversized photos & images easily online on Facebook. With FILEminimizer Pictures 3's automatic Facebook upload feature you will never waste time again waiting for your large photos lớn be uploaded or sent via email. This không tính phí software reduces, without zipping, the kích cỡ of your images and photos by up khổng lồ 98%, that is a 3.0 MB photo can be reduced down lớn 0.2 MB or even less. As a result, the optimized images can easily be sent via e-mail and shared on social networks và photo sharing sites lượt thích Flickr. FileMinimizer Pictures uses balesio's native format optimization công nghệ which preserves the original image format. After compression, photos và images remain in the original file format và are still just as beautiful as before, only 25x smaller in size.

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What's new in this version: Version 3.0 is now free; adds Facebook Uploader Module and improves the native optimization technology. Code: Actual program FileMinimizer Pictures 3.0 Flyupload

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