Fiio q1 mark ii review

The FiiO quận 1 Mark II is the company’s second-generation budget or entry-level portable amp/DAC offering balanced outputs. It is priced at $99.

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Disclaimer: The FiiO quận 1 Mark II sent khổng lồ us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank FiiOfor this opportunity.

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It has always been FiiO’s legacy và its building blocks to lớn have a solid line-up of budget amps or amp/DAC. From the E07k to lớn the E11 và more recently the Q.1 and A5 in năm ngoái there has always been a strong company presence in the sub-$100 categories.

The recent launch of the quận 1 Mark II amp/DAC aims to lớn retain the company’s presence as the entry gate for budding new audiophiles whilst at the same time keep their competitive sầu edge with some new and interesting features.

At just $99, FiiO has kept the fundamentals và purpose of original quận 1 much the same but this time around there is a much more cohesive mix of features that fit very much inlớn what FiiO gọi “Infinity sound”.

What Is The Pitch?

Infinity Sound

The Q1 Mark II is one of the cornerstone products released by FiiO in the summer of 2017 under their branding moniker, “Infinity Sound”. There are a few talking points behind that phrase but the biggest highlight is the adoption of a balanced output or in the case of their IEMs, the inclusion of a balanced cable.

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Offering a balanced output under $100 opens up a whole new kinh doanh pitch và, if done correctly, a higher cấp độ of performance from source or IEM. The quận 1 Mark II balanced output is not just a cheap split kiến thiết either with the same amplification thiết lập as the X7 Mark II AM3a module which I really dig for its IEM handling and musical signature.

Smartphone Friendly

The second major pitch of the new Q.1 Mark II is more the sum of the parts rather than one distinct feature. Essentially the Mark II is being pitched as the perfect compliment lớn iOS.

Pretty much everything is being geared to lớn make it a natural choice for that audience. This includes the price point, the new design, the improved volume & channel balance control & most importantly the official MFi Certification from Apple.


Just khổng lồ note the unit we received is a pre-production sample and there will be some minor changes in the final retail unit to include the LED power button light from blue khổng lồ green, the labeling color of each output or đầu vào và a more comprehensive manual guide in 8 languages.

Form Factor

Flatter shape

FiiO has done a good job fixing some of the previous issues I had with the hip-flask form factor of the Q.1 mark I. Out goes the slightly raised chassis và in comes a smaller, thinner and flatter rectangular form factor. At once the Q1 Mark II becomes a lot more stacking friendly for smartphone và budget DAPhường uses looking to strap on the Q1ii khổng lồ the baông chồng of their source.Shape-wise it’s a bit more uniform also và easier to work with smooth curved sides compared khổng lồ the older edged cornering.

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FiiO has also redesigned their pouches and moved away from the padded cases found with the A5 to lớn a more flexible porous mesh pouch similar to lớn the ones you find with ALO Audio amps. I love these pouches for their looks as well as their excellent durability. They vì chưng actually protect the Q.1 Mark II from accidental knocks rather better than you wouldthink.

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