The three kingdoms: fate of the dragon

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a game by Overmax Studio
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review, 3 review are shown
User Rating: 8.4/10 - 16 votes
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Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Daniel Defoe - names that every British school child holds dear, & whose rip-roaring tales of love, life and derring-bởi vì in these sceptred isles never fail to hold teary-eyed readers spellbound... Well maybe they don"t have quite that effect, but at least you"ve heard of them. Now what if I said to you - Luo Guanzhong. Then you"d look at me blankly or say bless you. But you might say, "Ah yes, Luo Guanzhong, the famous 14th-century novedanh mục, author of The Three Kingdoms." Which would tell me you either went to school in China or you"re one of those irritating gits who knows everything and always wins at Trivial Pursuit.

Thanks lớn Eidos however, the venerable Luo is about lớn become, if not a household name, at least a little better known outside his native land. It is his historical novel about the fall of the Han dynasty in the 2nd century and the subsequent division of Đài Loan Trung Quốc inlớn three separate kingdoms that forms the basis of this real-time strategy game. To add to lớn the authentiđô thị the game itself is also a product of that vast and ancient nation, having been developed by Chinese team Object Software.

Deja Vu

The blurb that comes with the game tells you that you must take up the mantle of one of the three warlords of the time, Cao Cao, Lui Bei and Sun Quan. By using guile & cunning, or failing that, outright brutality, you must lead your third of Trung Quốc on a mission khổng lồ bring the other two kingdoms under your wing & rebuild the shattered nation. Great, you"re thinking as you eagerly open the box while simultaneously phoning for a number 23, a 54, & some prawn crackers on the side. The evocative sầu intro sequence, depicting the three generals battling it out on the plains of Đài Loan Trung Quốc only seeks lớn get you even more in the mood for something a little different và then...

At this point you might be forgiven for checking that you haven"t put one of your old games in the CD drive sầu by mistake. For by now a rather alarming sense of ddjd vu will be creeping over you.Hang on, haven"t I played this somewhere before?

Indeed you have, because Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon bears an uncanny resemblance lớn Age Of Empires. We"re not just talking a passing graphical likeness here; great swathes of gameplay have sầu also been liberally lifted from Ensemble"s masterpiece, especially the style of settlement building và resource management.

Saving Graces

Having made my point - Three Kingdoms is more of a tribute b& than it is the next Abtía -I won"t dwell on it any further. Let"s turn instead to some of the more original touches that Object Software has implemented. The first of these becomes apparent in the way you use your non-combatant population in the game. While it is necessary to build up a sizeable force of workers to gather resources, build new structures and turn raw materials inlớn more useful ones, they can also be pressed into lớn active service. By sending members of your population to lớn a barracks you can train them up as sergeants & thereby begin to build your military force. Where this dual-use scenario really comes in handy is during times of peace. Instead of having your army standing about idly & consuming all your hard-earned resources, you can put them baông xã to work as humble builders & gatherers. Then, when things start hotting up again, you can retrain them as soldiers at a fraction of the original time and cost.

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Some thought has also gone inlớn the art of war. Your soldiers march on their stomachs và need lớn be kept fed và watered if you want them to lớn perform at their peak. While they are garrisoned in a friendly town they have sầu free access khổng lồ food & wine, as long as you have some stockpiled, and will stay on top form. However, as soon as they start traipsing about in the wilderness they will begin to lớn decline. Keep them hungry và thirsty for long enough & they will degrade to the point that they look about as dedicated & confident as England going inkhổng lồ another World Cup.

Fortunately you can offset disaster with a bit of forward planning. By equipping your army wifh one or more supply wagons, you can set up staging camps en route lớn the site of your intended conquest và these help to lớn keep your force in good shape.

A Siege My Liege?

Provided you spare enough resources for some retìm kiếm you can also build a variety of siege equipment, và fortunately each thành phố in the game has a pre-made gate và walls to avoid disappointment. After all, there"s nothing worse than dragging a siege ladder halfway across the country only to lớn find that the inconsiderate sods haven"t even bothered building a wall in the first place. However, whether you scale the walls or just tear down the gates, every combat situation tends khổng lồ deteriorate quickly into lớn a bit of an unstructured brawl.

Three Kingdoms employs an unusual two-map system, which is more akin khổng lồ some older RPGs like the Ultima series than most RTS games. Each thành phố has its own detailed bản đồ, which is where most of the construction and resource-management activity goes on. There is also a "wilderness" map at a cruder scale in which cities are represented by buildings. You control units in exactly the same way in both maps, but just switch between the two as necessary. No doubt Object Software had sound reasons for arranging things this way rather than having the customary single-world bản đồ, but I have sầu lớn confess I found it rather annoying having lớn switch repeatedly between the wilderness maps & the various đô thị maps in the game.

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It"s great khổng lồ see some original hàng hóa coming out of Trung Quốc, and hopefully we"ll see a lot more of it in future. But I have to be honest & say that Three Kingdoms didn"t quite do it for me. If you haven"t played any of the Age Of Empires series extensively and the Chinese scenario sounds like your bag then you will definitely get many hours of pleasure out of this sản phẩm, but sadly a classic it is not.

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