Command & conquer: red alert 3

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a game by Electronic Arts Los Angeles
Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 9.5/10, based on 1 đánh giá, 2 Đánh Giá are shown
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 26 votes
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Are you tired of all those historically-accurate real-time strategy games like Age of Empires or Rise of Nations? How about a game with time-traveling communists instead? Command và Conquer: Red Alert 3 mixes the bizarre with the exciting và delivers a unique RTS experience lượt thích no other game can.

Alternate history shenanigans

The plot of Red Alert 3 is simple: a falling Soviet Union devises a plan lớn kill Albert Einstein khổng lồ change the future in their favor. Killing the German scientist has some unexpected side-effects though, as the Soviets create an alternate timeline where nhật bản (as the Empire of the Rising Sun) has joined the fray against both the Soviets và the Allied Nations.


Thanks to such a quirky backstory, Red Alert 3 features some outlandish & technologically impressive units for players to lớn control. In a world without the atom bomb, protons & electricity are the ultimate tools of destruction, và there’s also more focus on naval warfare than before.

On l&, air, và sea

Unlike many other RTS games, naval combat is just as important as the battles on l& in Red Alert 3. Players can build almost anything offshore, giving them the possibility of constructing a predominately maritime stronghold.

Having lớn keep an extra eye on naval units means that players have sầu to lớn keep their forces balanced to be able khổng lồ engage the enemy on any terrain. And we haven’t even talked of aircraft yet. The Allied Nations predominant strength lies in its air units. It’s all fun and games until the Allies bring out the Cryocopters.

The three main factions have sầu chất lượng units for every field of battle, but each of them has a terrain which they favor. This adds an added element of strategy, as players might have to choose different factions according not only to lớn their playstyle but also to the map’s terrain.

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Gorgeous but deadly

Powered by EA’s SAGE 2.0 engine, Red Alert 3 is one of the most visually impressive RTS we’ve sầu ever seen. Every unit is beautifully rendered, and the environments (especially the water) manages to lớn achieve sầu the perfect combination of exaggerated cartoonishness & gritty realism.

Now that naval warfare plays a more integral role in the game, it’s clear that the developers aimed to lớn give the sea a fresh coat of paint. The way in which the waves và the seafloor are rendered is simply amazing, and it more than manages lớn blow games lượt thích Age of Empires III out of the water.

Familiar faces

Just lượt thích in previous Comm& và Conquer games, the full-motion videos in Red Alert 3 feature real actors portraying the game characters. EA Los Angeles did a great job casting the actors for this game, seeing as we have personalities such as J.K. Simmons, Tlặng Curry, and George Takei performing as the leaders of each faction.

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Tyên Curry does a terrific job, as it’s clear that the actor is having lots of fun playing the cunning Premier Anatoly Cherdenko. While these cutscenes are aao ước the best that the game has to offer, some players might find the jump from CG graphics to lớn real-life footage a bit jarring.

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