Download coreldraw x6 (32 bit

Most of the graphic designers are tilted towards Adobe Creative sầu Suite for image editing and designing but this is not the only option they have there are many other application which can persize the same task easily. One of those applications is CorelDRAW which has been serving graphic designers for quite some time now & has come up in many versions. The version we are reviewing today is CorelDRAW X6 which is used for image editing and designing. It has come up with some very impressive sầu new features which have made it more versatile than ever before. You can also downloadCorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019.

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 comprised of seven parts & two main applications are CorelDRAWwhich is a vector illustration program & Photo-Paint which is an image editing program. Apart from these two main applications it also includes PowerTrace which is a bitmap converter, Capture, a screen capturing utility, Connect which is an impressive sầu browser, Website Creator which is a very effective site designing tool and Photo lớn Zoom pro 2 which is an export plug-in utility.CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3is another application that you can download.
Upgraded User Interface.The ability to exchange ideas with colleagues and clients in real time.Advanced và powerful solution for transforming raster images into lớn vector graphics.Maximize colors in Corel và Microsoft.Matching colors in Corel and Adobe.Improved integration with Windows Vista.Changed dialog box “Create a template”.80 professionally designed templates.New, editable material.Accelerate layout & text editing.Formatting text in real time.Mirror paragraph text.Support for RAW files.Straighten images.Information in the khung of histograms.Convert raster khổng lồ vector.Improved dialogue “color curve”.Finished page kích thước.

What’s New in Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X6 ?

Improved support for mở cửa Type.Expanded opportunities lớn work with color.New tools for creating vector images.Enhanced page layout tool.Redesigned preferences pane object.Improved support for multicore processors & works as a “native” 64-bit application.

CorelDraw X6 –System Requirement

OS: Windows 8 (32-bit Or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit), or Windows XP (32-bit).CPU: Hãng Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon™ 64 OR AMD Opteron™.memory of RAM: 1GB.Free space: 1.5GB.Screen resolution: 1024 x 768.DVD ( if install using DVD)
InstallCorelDRAW X6 at usual.GetCorelDRAW X6 Serialusingkeygene.exe(Program: choose CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6).

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Do not cthảm bại the keygene after getting they serial number yet.Copy Serial andPaste into“Please enter your serial number” onCorelDraw X6.


On the new window, copy the code from “Installation Code” inCorelDraw X6,then paste into “Installation Code” of Keyren window.

Click onActivation on Keyren, you will see a code appears in “Activation Code”. Just copy và Paste it intoActivation Code onCorelDraw X6. Then cliông chồng onContinue.

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And the result:
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