Corel videostudio ultimate x10 (boxed) b&h photo video

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10.5 (formerly Ulead VideoStudio) combines an elegant và professional-feeling interface with high-over specialty features lượt thích 3D and 4K Ultra HD, making it one of the most satisfying và versatile consumer-level video clip editors on the market.

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VideoStudio nails the basics with a great multi-traông xã video clip editor, a big library of effects, & all the standard đoạn phim editing features usually just a right-clichồng away from the main view. The user interface is dark and slick, & it looks much more modern than many competing products that still rest on older Windows aesthetics. Better still, VideoStudio is highly customizable, allowing you to move interface elements around at your leisure. It’s not as robust in this regard as a professional suite, of course, but it doesn’t need lớn be.

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Live sầu previews of titles và other effects make picking the right thing easier.

We were also impressed that VideoStudio offers example live sầu preview of many of its effects và titles—it helps to see what you’re getting before you apply it. The only downside is that some of these panels can be slow lớn load when you clichồng them.

You may have sầu noticed 360-degree and VR videos are all the rage. Corel’s program supports this emerging format adequately, and it also supports the official 4K Ultra HD format and a number of other high-over features. It’s safe to say that you can make just about anything you want, for just about any format, in VideoStudio.

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It’s possible khổng lồ export videos directly lớn your Facebook account with all the metadata ready to lớn go.

It’s impressive, then, that it also has a bunch of export options, including direct upload support for Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, & Vimeo in additional lớn your standard export-to-file and DVD options. Most applications double down on either the social platforms or physical media; VideoStudio does both quite well.

It’s just too bad that VideoStudio lacks the advanced truyền thông library tagging and curation features found in some competing products, much less the AI-driven intelligent curation found in Adobe’s competing Premiere Elements, which feels lượt thích VideoStudio’s closest competitor.

All in all, VideoStudio doesn’t have every feature that competing products have sầu, but if versatility and efficiency are what you’re looking for in Clip editing software, it’s hard khổng lồ beat.

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