You do not have permission to access \pc_name contact your

After upgrading a computer khổng lồ ver 1809 build 17763.316 I cannot connect from other computers on the same network via Windows Explorer. Troubleshooting did not find a solution. I followed the steps outlined

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I followed the 3 methods without result. At Method 2 I received the following errors:

cannot start the Peer Name Resolution Protocol service on Local Computer Error 0x80630203 Unable to lớn access a key.

All other services a running.

At Method 3 the SMB 1.0/CIFS FIle Sharing support only Client is ON, the others are off. I switched the Server khổng lồ ON, but no result.

Can you help me to connect to this computer please.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 10:32 AM

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Hello, Leon

Here are my answers:

What is the operating system of your other computers? - Windows 10 1803 Build 17134.590 - Windows 8.1All computers have sầu the lathử nghiệm updates.

Can other machines successfully ping the 1809 machine? - Yes.

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Have you checked if it is a permission issue? - I have. I want khổng lồ access the Public folder under Users. It is accessible locally. Here are my steps: Public-> Properties->Share->Choose people to nói qua with. The permission màn chơi of User_name và Everyone is Read/Write; SYSTEM"s is Owner. The Network of the thư mục is \PC_NAMEPublic. - Advanced sharing: The Share name of this folder is Public and the box Share this folder is checked. Permissions for Everyone: Allow: Full control, Change và read

Can"t you access the 1809 machine via \Computer Name or can"t access the 1809 machine via \IP address? Or both these two methods not working? - No. The OS replies "Windows cannot access \PC_NAME. Liên hệ your network administrator to request access." I get the same message after entering the \IP address (accessible by Ping).

Please try lớn turn off the firewall first lớn see if it works. -I tried without result - still no permission.

More information:The computer name is visible on all computers under Network. Clicking on any other name opens the all shared folders on the target computer.I have sầu just found a solution. Unlượt thích other OSes in the network version 1809 requires explicitlythe path to the shared folder. So in Windows Explorer clicking on \PC_NAME or \IP_address says "No permission". But entering the path khổng lồ the shared folder opens it. The firewall state makes no difference.

Advanced sharing options on the 1809 computer: - Private: Network discovery and tệp tin & printer sharing are ON. - Guest or public: both are OFF. (I can still open the Public thư mục.) - All networks: Public thư mục sharing is ON; use 128-bit encryption and password protected sharing is OFF.

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In conclusion: The requirement khổng lồ enter the full path lớn the shared thư mục is new in 1809 và a bit frustrating. It may have sầu been done for better protection but it"s not convenient. I restarted the 1809 machine & entered \PC_NAMEPublic and it worked.

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