Doson resort & casino

Casino hai Phong is one of 7 casinos licensed và operating in Vietnam. In Vietnam, Casino is considered a quite sensitive activity. Therefore, it is very difficult to lớn operate & remain legal for a long time. But this has proved the endurance và class of Casino bởi vì Son. Let’s join us lớn explore all things to know about this place.

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Casino nhì Phong instruction

In 1992, hai Phong Casino was under the management of nhì Phong international travel joint venture company, performing the tourism function. Then, people integrate betting khổng lồ meet everyone’s needs. In 1995, nhì Phong Casino (ASKA Casino vì chưng Son) started to lớn operate & this was the first legal operation in Vietnam.

During its operation, the Casino has left behind many famous anecdotes. For example, Tăng vạc Bảo, who holds 2 US & Chinese nationalities. He was arrested in 2004 on charges of selling garment quota. Before his arrest, he was known to have served on the board of casino Las Vegas – the gambling capital of the United States.

Security at nhị Phong Casino is very strict. Right from the entrance, there are guard stations before arriving at the place to check identification. Then, you have khổng lồ pass the scanner to lớn find out if there is any strange device in you.

Games inside Casino

Casino bởi Son nhị Phong offers betting games like: Baccarat, Roullet, Big-small, black jack & many more. In addition, this place has a thẻ table. In particular, Dealers are very professional young girls or boys. Their skills will be revealed through dealing and collecting their money. Besides, the camera system keeps track of every table, dealers. The supervisors are from Hong Kong, Macau. Therefore, players are completely assured when playing gambling here.

Inside Casino do Son hai Phong

Casino nhị Phong Rules

To be admitted to nhị Phong Casino, everyone must meet the casino rules. Players must be over 21 years old, have an income of 10 million or more & pay tax at cấp độ 3 or above. To enter, players have to spend money khổng lồ buy ticket with 1 million VND for 24 hours of play, 25 million VND for 1 month. Everyone must prove their income through the guidance of the Ministry of Finance.

Players are not allowed lớn carry prohibited manipulations such as: cameras, cameras, communication devices. Fraud assistive devices are not allowed in. Players must bring full identification such as visa or passport, follow the security instructions here.

Most especially, it is not for Vietnamese people to lớn enter here, only for overseas Vietnamese or foreigners khổng lồ come in.

Some lưu ý when entering Casino

Casino is understood exactly as a place to bet & play gambling. Lượt thích every other game, you should not put too much emphasis on winning or losing. When entering the Casino, everyone wants khổng lồ compete to lớn win. Whether you win or lose, you should also give yourself a certain threshold.

It is more remarkable, you must understand và follow the rules of Casino nhị Phong. That will help you avoid unnecessary inconveniences. Keeping your mindset when betting & avoid “out of pocket”.

In addition to the needs of entertainment, you can completely rest và relax at do Son Casino Resort. After intense betting, or after a hard working day.

Other option to lớn play games

Playing Casino in such a special place is so much fun. But if you find yourself messing around with procedures, consider Pearl E-Gaming Club. This is a small game casino right in hai Phong city. Popular games here includes: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slot machine.

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Address: 1st storey, Pearl River hotel – Km8, Pham Van Dong street, nhì Phong (right at roundabound Cau Rao 2)Opening time: 22:00 – 06:00

Also, when come here, vày not forget to visit do Son beach.

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