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Adobe Bridge CC 2018
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Adobe Bridge CC 2018 (923.0 MB)

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Name: Adobe Bridge CC 2018 for Mac Version: Release Date: 12 Dec 2017 Mac Platform: Hãng Intel OS version:OS X 10.11 or later Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Adobe Zii for Adobe CC15 – CC18 3.0.4

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Bridge CC gives you centralized access lớn all the files và assets you need for your creative sầu projects. Organize personal & team assets, batch edit with ease, add watermarks, mix centralized color preferences, and even upload your photos to lớn Adobe Stoông chồng — Bridge simplifies your workflow & keeps you organized.

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– Easily upload your images to lớn Adobe Stoông chồng and get royalties for your work – Support for Retina & HIDPI displayers with the ability to scale – Automated cabịt management – Quickly organize & stachồng panoramic và HDR images – On demand thumbnail và metadata generation – Option to import photos and videos from your điện thoại device or digital camera on Mac – Flexible batch processing – Drag-and-drop tệp tin flexibility – Centralized color settings

What’s New in Adobe Bridge CCPublish raw images khổng lồ Adobe Stock

In the previous release of Bridge CC năm ngoái version 6.3.1, a new feature was introduced that allows you khổng lồ easily upload your JPEG photos to lớn Adobe Stoông xã using the new Publish panel. In this release of Bridge CC 2017, this feature has been extended to lớn tư vấn uploading of raw images khổng lồ Adobe Stochồng from within Bridge.

Now when you drag a raw image from the Content panel onto lớn the Publish panel, Bridge displays a dialog lớn confirm the conversion of raw image lớn JPEG for upload. Once you confirm, Bridge converts the raw image to lớn JPEG using the Camera Raw plug-in. The uploaded JPEG image (converted from the raw image) appears on the Uploads page in the Adobe Stoông xã Contributor portal.

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Search Adobe Stock

In addition to lớn searching for assets in Bridge or on your computer, you can also use the Quick Search box (on the right side of the Application bar) to search for high-quality Adobe Stoông xã illustrations, vectors, và photos. When you tìm kiếm, the results appear on the Adobe Stoông chồng trang web in your default website browser.

To switch your tìm kiếm between Adobe Stoông chồng search & Windows (Win)/Spotlight (Mac) search options, use the drop-down các mục in the Quiông xã Search box.

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Enhanced in this release of Adobe Bridge CC

– On Mac OS 10.11, Bridge CC 2017 now recognizes the following types of devices: – Devices (such as cameras or Android-based devices) connected in PTPhường (Picture Transfer Protocol) or MTP. (Media Transfer Protocol) mode – iDevices such as iPad or iPhone – Bridge CC 2017 now detects data cards larger than 64-GB memory kích cỡ.

What’s New in Adobe Bridge CC 2018

Fixes a few crashesPrevents video files from freezing


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